Still Thicker Than Water: Thicker Than Water Series

Takerra Allen

ISBN 9781617736230
Publish Date 5/26/2015
Format ePub
Categories AA Fiction
List Price: $3.99

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From Jersey's gritty hoods to Atlanta's steamy streets, all the way to sultry Jamaica, the Brick City divas introduced in Thicker Than Water, along with some hot newcomers, bring the drama to new heights--wherever they go. . .

As if she hasn't been through enough, princess Sasha's got a new struggle on her hands. The love of her life might be locked down, but even that can't keep her away. Can she choose between the hustler who broke her heart and the good guy who's trying to mend it?...Tatum's man, Respect, has been on the run in Jamaica for over a year. She's sure he wants her with him. But as strong as she is, does she have the courage to follow him--and face what she finds?...With her irresistible body and commanding presence, Jayde is all business, even when it comes to pleasure. And none of it is personal. . ..L.A. girl gone bad, Neli has ruined lives and done more damage than she can make up for. Now she wants to change her ways--if she can stay alive long enough. . .

As desire rules and the secrets keep spilling, it's another crazy, sexy, dangerous summer for these ladies who are still thicker than water. . .

Praise for Takerra Allen's Thicker Than Water

"Love, life, romance, jealousy, rivalry, deception, betrayal, and loyalty all flourish as the  story line expands...pleasurable and intriguing." --Urban Reviews 

About Takerra Allen :

Takerra Allen was born in Jersey City, NJ, and resides in Somerset, NJ. Takerra is the half sister to the late renowned Tupac Shakur (sharing the same biological father, former Black Panther, William Garland). She is also a community activist. Writing continues to be Takerra’s first love however, and her work has been appraised by many veteran African-American writers. Visit Takerra online at takerra.blogspot.com, on Facebook @Takerra Allen, or on Twitter @Takerra_Allen.

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