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Hidden Riches

Felicia Mason

ISBN 9780758205735
Publish Date 1/28/2014
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Fiction
List Price: $15.00

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"A super storyteller. . .she creates magic." --Publishers Weekly

Award-winning author Felicia Mason introduces us to a respectable Southern family turned upside-down by grief. . .and a hilarious and sometimes undignified search for a huge inheritance. . .

After a lifetime spent scrubbing and mending for others, Ana Mae Futrell has passed away. Her siblings have reluctantly returned to their North Carolina hometown to bury the older sister they never really bothered to know. For instance, they didn't know she'd won big on a lottery ticket. Or that she had a son. But back to the money--Ana Mae's millions will go only to the person who can interpret the clues she's left behind in a quilt. Should they all fail, the fortune goes to Diamond Jim and Baby Sue--Ana Mae's cats--and a Reverend with whom Ana Mae shared a "special" relationship. . .

Ana Mae's two sisters and brother hadn't really thought about Ana Mae in years, but now, with bills to pay, marriages on the line, and secrets ready to spill, she's all they can think about. And as the race to win begins, everyone involved finds there's more to gain than money. Because they're each going to learn a little something about Ana Mae--and a whole lot more about themselves. . .

"A touching portrait of human desires and frailties." --Booklist on Testimony

"Felicia Mason reaches new levels of excellence." --RT Book Reviews on Foolish Heart

Discussion Questions

1. What was Ana Mae Futrell’s biggest legacy? Which of her heirs understood and best appreciated what she left behind?

2. Who was your favorite character in Hidden Riches? Why? Which character was your least favorite and why?

3. What do you think the future will hold for Clayton and Archer? For the Reverend Toussaint le Baptiste? For JoJo? For Delcine?

4. Which Futrell learned the most following the death of Ana Mae? Which one the least?

5. The residents of small-town Drapersville had a lot of secrets, many of them “open secrets”—things everyone knows but that aren’t discussed. Do you think that’s typical of small communities or unique to the characters in Hidden Riches? Are there open secrets in your own family or among your circle of friends and acquaintances?

6. The Scripture that Ana Mae lived by was the parable of the talent in Matthew 25. In what instances did you see this evi - dent in the story?

7. Archer believed that Reverend Toussaint was gay. Clayton disagreed. What do you think?

8. Did JoJo make the right decision? Did her husband, Lester, get what was coming to him?

9. Neither Rosalee nor Mr. Rollings ever revealed how much money Ana Mae left for Rosalee, although Lester did some speculation. Based on Rosalee’s reaction, how much do you think was in that bank account? Why do you think the author left out this detail?

10. Do you know anyone who has won a significant amount of money via the lottery? How has it changed his or her life for better or for worse?

11. If you won a big lottery jackpot, what would you do with the money?

12. The book opens with the quote Mortui vivos docent, which means “Let the dead teach the living.” What did the deceased Ana Mae Futrell teach her living relatives and friends?

About Felicia Mason:

Felicia Mason is a motivational speaker and award-winning author. She has received awards from RT Book Reviews, Affaire de Coeur, and the Midwest Fiction Writers, and won the Emma Award in 2001 for her work in the bestselling anthology, Della's House of Style. Glamour magazine readers named her first novel, For the Love of You, one of their all-time favorite love stories, and her novel Rhapsody was made into a television film. Felicia has been a writer for as long as she can remember, and loves creating characters who seem as real as your best friends. She is a “preacher’s kid” and a former Sunday school teacher. She has lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio and now makes her home in Virginia, where she enjoys quilting, reading, traveling, and listening to all types of music.

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