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Dirty Rotten Liar: The Misadventures of Mink LaRue


ISBN 9780758266101
Publish Date 6/25/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Fiction
List Price: $15.00

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"Noire's versatile storytelling keeps the urban erotic genre hot!" --Kiki Swinson, bestselling author of the Wifey series

What can go wrong when con-mami Mink LaRue joins forces with her slick-tongued look-alike Dy-Nasty Jenkins to run a three-hundred-grand hustle on the super-rich Dominion oil family?

With the conniving Philadelphia stripper Dy-Nasty seeking to dip her fingers into the same pot of gold, Mink knows she has to play her hand right and hustle at the very top of her grind. But when Mink is suddenly called back home to be at the bedside of her sick mother, she is forced to leave Dy-Nasty alone at the mansion to work a solo scam on the Dominions and possibly claim the entire jackpot for herself.

Will Dy-Nasty lie her way into the hearts of the Dominions and be declared a rightful heir to the vast family fortune? Or, will fate throw a cruel twist in the game and get both ghetto princesses kicked out of the mansion and left on the curb, dead broke?

"Noire knows all about street slang, scams, strip clubs, and fierce sex bouts...This is top-of-the-line street lit." --Library Journal on Natural Born Liar (starred review)

"Sizzling, action-packed, electric and gut-wrenching." --RT Book Reviews on Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

Discussion Questions

1. Con-mami Mink LaRue has been on one helluva misadventure. Why in the hell was her “mother” Jude Jackson so bent on Big Moe LaRue? How different do you think Mink’s life would have been if her father had lived?

2. Jude Jackson was the mother of all liars.Was it understandable that she saw a baby who looked like the man she loved and then “snatched her up” so she could give Big Moe something no other woman could give him?

3. How did you feel when you found out that Mink was in that car when Jude drove it off the dock? What kind of woman makes desperate moves just to keep a playa in her pocket?

4. At the age of thirteen Mink was traumatized and nearly killed by the one person who was supposed to love and protect her above all others. Does that horrible experience explain her “gotta get minez” mentality?

5. Aunt Bibby might have been a trip and a half, but when it came down to Jude’s foolishness, she knew what she was talking about.Was Mink’s aunt just another hatin’- ass LaRue, or was she down for whatever when it came to Mink? Do you think Bibby did the right thing by telling Mink the truth about her birth mother and her twin? Is it possible to love a family member without really liking them all that much?

6. Barron lusted after two things: Mink and money.Was he crazy for dumping Carla and falling for Pilar? And even though he and Pilar weren’t blood related, did the fact that they were breaking down beds throw up flags for you?

7. Pilar was the type of spoiled, conniving diva who thought the world owed her everything. Tell the truth. Were you hollering, “Good for your ass!” when she landed in that wet puddle and found out about Dy- Nasty and Ray?

8. Bunni Baines is a true ride-or-die. She’s Mink’s ace in the hole and her straight-up rowdy. Now that Mink is rich and rolling in cheese, what do you think she should do for Bunni? Tear her off half of her inheritance? Set her up with her own crib and her own business? Bunni definitely earned her stripes. What should she get out of this crazy misadventure?

9. Selah was an elegant and classy socialite. How did you feel when you realized she had a little freak in her and was getting her illegal swerve on? Should she have accepted Rodney’s offer and kicked Viceroy to the curb? Was her fling with Rodney just a physical thing? Do you want to see her and Viceroy get past their little bedroom issue and get to tearing up some sheets?

10. You could tell that Viceroy had bumped his head from the minute he woke up, and it seems like he got up just in time too. What kind of changes do you think he should make at Dominion Oil? He’s been kind of moody lately and it seems like he’s reverted back to his good old hood days. Since the Dominions are stupid rich and they’ll never run out of money, is it time for Viceroy to step out of the way and let somebody else take over so he can chase his wife and count his cash?

11. Smoove Uncle Suge is a real bronco-buster. Mink is really feeling this dude and he’s damn sure feeling her too. Now that Mink is family, is their little love thang out the window? When did it go from being just sex to “a whole lot more” between the two of them, and should a little DNA test stand in the way of true love?

12. Dy-Nasty got totally busted in all her little schemes, and when she was declared to be Sable, she gave everybody, especially Mink, her ass to kiss.True, she was a fraudster, a grifter, and a dirty rotten liar, but she wasn’t no worse than Mink! What do you want to see happen to Dy- Nasty now that the feds have knocked her? Should somebody in the family feel sorry for her and help pull her ass out of a hole, or should she catch the maximum charge possible and get flushed straight down the pipes?

13. At the end of this misadventure, Mink finds herself paid out the ass and living the good life. No more stripping, no more capers, no more scandalous double-crossing schemes are required. How do you think living in luxury and having endless loot will affect her? Will conmami Mink LaRue change her ways and elevate up out of the trenches, or will her mind-set—and her hustle— stay grimy forever?

About Noire:

NOIRE is editor-in-chief of, the Queen of Urban Erotica, the #1 Essence® bestselling author of Unzipped, Hittin’ the Bricks, G-Spot, Candy Licker, Thug-A-Licious, Baby Brother (with 50 Cent), Thong on Fire, Hood, novellas in Maneater and Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, and the editor of a collection of urban erotic quickies, From the Streets to the Sheets. She is also the author of the first urban erotic serial novel, G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins

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