Death Of A Country Fried Redneck: A Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery

Lee Hollis

ISBN 9780758279705
Publish Date 11/6/2012
Format ePub
Categories Mystery, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $4.99

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Local food and drink writer Haley Powell thinks she’s done solving murders in scenic Bar Harbor, Maine. But when a taste of the South comes to New England, Haley’s following another recipe for disaster…

As a single mom, Hayley Powell already has a full plate—she’s got deadlines to make and a teenage daughter with eyes for an aspiring singer-songwriter. But when country music superstar Wade Springer rolls into town, Hayley spies an irresistible side gig: personal chef to her all-American idol. After he tries her home cooking, Wade’s so impressed that he hires her on the spot—and invites her to dine with him alone.

Hayley and Wade are hitting all the right notes…until a body turns up. Wade’s tour bus was torched overnight and a roadie named Mickey Pritchett came out well-done. But the real cause of death isn’t barbecue: Mickey was shot, his mouth stuffed with one of Hayley’s trademark chicken legs. An ornery drunk, Mickey had already made plenty of enemies in town, but Wade’s reputation is on the rocks. Hayley reckons it’s up to her to settle this mess—a charbroiled mystery with all the fixin’s.

Includes seven delectable recipes from Hayley’s kitchen!

Praise for Death of a Kitchen Diva

“Delicious and satisfying. Another course, please.” —Carolyn Hart

“Readers will be calling for a second round from author Lee Hollis.” —Leslie Meier, author of Chocolate Covered Murder

About Lee Hollis:

Lee Hollis is the pen name for a brother and sister writing team. Rick Copp is a veteran Hollywood writer/producer and also the author of three other mystery novel series under his own name and Lee Hollis. He lives in Palm Springs, CA. Holly Simason is an award-winning food and cocktails columnist who lives in North Carolina. You can follow them on Facebook (Lee Hollis), Twitter (@leehollisbooks) and Instagram (leehollisbooks).

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Customer Review

(Saturday, November 3, 2012)
Reviewer: Nancy Narma

Island Times Food and Spirits columnist, Hayley Powell’s hum-drum day at the office took a dynamic spike when she learned her country music idol, Wade Springer was coming to Bar Harbor to give two charity concerts. With best buddy, Liddy on the Criterion’s Board of Directors, Hayley is assured of a front row seat, but she’d really like to be his personal chef while he’s in town. But how to get close enough to the star to secure this position? She decides to write a star-struck column about how she would love to introduce Wade to her lip-smacking country-fried chicken. When there is no word from the Springer Camp, she agrees to Liddy’s scheme of impersonating the Island Times’ Entertainment Reporter and sets up an interview in Wade’s hotel room, also hoping to scoop rival newspaper, “The Herald” with the story. It didn’t take long for her true identity to be discovered and thanks to the fried chicken column that did not go unnoticed, Wade asked Hayley to be his personal chef for the duration of his Bar Harbor stay. She proceeded to pull out all of the stops and fried lots of chicken, not only for Wade, but for his entire crew. It was during its delivery that she was introduced to slime-ball roadie, Mickey Pritchett, who wasted no time trying to strong-arm and intimidate Hayley into joining him on the empty tour bus. With help from Wade to free herself from Mickey’s grasp and ultimately being fired from the crew, Mickey marches off with a basket of chicken, leaving Hayley with his menacing looks and threatening promises. Accusatory fingers point toward Wade and Hayley when Mickey’s bullet-ridden body is found in the burned out tour bus. Hayley answers Sheriff Sergio’s questions, then does some sleuthing on her own to clear her name and Wade’s as well as for the safety of her children, Gemma and Dustin. Who could despise Mickey that much to kill him?
Buxom country singer/Wade’s ex-wife and Mickey’s former lover, Stacy Jo Stanton? Perhaps Wade’s publicist, Billy Ray Cyrus, who was tired of Mickey’s shenanigans leading to poor PR for Wade? How about nasty-dispositioned Ned Weston? Especially when he learns of Mickey’s advances on his teen-aged daughter? The authors will take you on a series of twists and turns that will surprise you. Hayley’s yummy column recipes as well as a snippet of their next mystery,“Death of a Coupon Clipper” are included in this volume. This latest Hayley Powell cozy is an enjoyable and easy read as was “Death of a Kitchen Diva”. I have thoroughly enjoyed Hayley’s escapades in both and anxiously look forward to the next. Nancy Narma

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