Madrigals And Mistletoe

Hayley A. Solomon

ISBN 9781420131833
Publish Date 5/1/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Regency
List Price: $2.99

A Song Of Love...

Seraphina Camfrey, newest darling of the ton, is angelic in both name and face. Alas, the same can scarcely be said for her singing. And now she fears her off-key notes have sentenced her to yet another fussy old tutor. But Captain Argyll, though arrogant, proves irresistible! So the scampish Seraphina cares nothing for plans to match her with a duke at a country Christmas. Starry-eyed amid the snow and sugar plums, she hears only her heartstrings--strummed by her handsome music master.

...In A Season Of Joy

Frederick Argyll is all set to fund his musical composition by teaching. No doubt his pupil will be some dreary wallflower. But Seraphina's hair flames as bright as the yule log and her spirit crackles as cheerily. Can Frederick mold her into the star of the Christmas pageant, and--despite a medley of misunderstandings--accompany her in holiday harmonies of love?

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