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Time To Shine: A Fab Life Novel #5

Nikki Carter

ISBN 9780758272706
Publish Date 10/30/2012
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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Fame is hard. So is holding onto your dreams…

Sunday Tolliver is now the hottest singer-songwriter in the business—but too much personal drama is spinning her crazy-busy life totally out of control. Her boyfriend, Sam, won’t discuss the online buzz pulling them apart, and Sunday is past done putting up with him. Her two best friends are way far gone over one irresistible boy and it’s messing with their tight-knit group. And Sunday’s jealous diva cousin, Dreya, will do anything to stop her own career slide, including putting Sunday’s hard-won reputation at risk. Now Sunday’s only chance to get control of her fab life is to find out who’s truly real…

“This series is poised to ‘blow up’.” --Kirkus

Praise for Nikki Carter

“…plenty of reality show-type drama.” --RT Book Reviews on Doing My Own Thing


Discussion Questions

1. Sunday seems to be caught in the middle of Dreya and Mystique’s feud. Do you think Sunday handles this the right way? Should she be totally on Dreya’s side because she’s family, or should she be grateful to Mystique for helping her career?

2. Sam has made a lot of changes since he moved to New York City. Would you still date him, or was Sunday right to kick him to the curb?

3. What do you think about Gia and Ricky’s issue? Is Ricky’s breakup reason valid, or is he just not really into Gia?

4. Were you surprised how Meagan reacted about discovering her boyfriend’s secret? Do you think Meagan will ever make it back into Sunday’s entourage?

5. Should Sunday keep DeShawn in the friend zone, or is he a potential boyfriend?

6. Is Dreya’s plan stupid, or does it make sense for her to get what she can get while the getting is good? If you were her cousin, what advice would you give her?

7. What do you think about Sunday’s new living arrangement with her crew? Is this a disaster waiting to happen?

8. Do you still feel the same way about Sam after Rielle’s visit to Sunday? Does Rielle’s revelation change anything?

About Nikki Carter:

Nikki Carter has been a book-lover since she was in elementary school. Her favorite stories are fun, fresh, and full of drama. When she's not writing, Nikki enjoys reading, shopping, and hanging out by the pool. Nikki lives and loves in Dallas, Texas.

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