The Year of Eating Dangerously

K. Bennett

ISBN 9780786030163
Publish Date 2/7/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Fiction Urban Fantasy
List Price: $5.99

The Dead Shall Rise…

As a lawyer, Mallory Caine considers it her duty to defend the innocent. As a flesheating zombie, she knows how to take a bite out of crime. So when a scared ten-year-old boy asks for her help—claiming that his mother wants to eat him—Mallory rises to the occasion. Unfortunately, the occasion is a Satanic ritual, the mom is a monster, and the boy is a sacrifice.

…And Approach The Bench.

Before you can say “The devil made me do it,” Mallory is caught dead center between a family of freaks, fire-breathing demons, and the final battle of good versus evil. If she doesn’t have enough on her plate, the brain-chomping lawyer has to defend her zombie-hunting father in court. And, oh yeah: her flesh-eating secret is about to be exposed by a sexy LAPD detective who’s good enough to eat. What’s a zombie girl to do…?

About K. Bennett:

K. Bennet is the pseudonym of James Scott Bell, the bestselling and award winning suspense author of Deadlock and Try Fear. He was the fiction columnist for Writers Digest magazine and has written three popular books for the Writers Digest line: Plot & Structure, Revision & Self-Editing, and The Art of War for Writers. Jim has taught writing at Pepperdine University and studied writing with Raymond Carver. He lives and writes in L.A. He blogs weekly at Kill Zone, www.killzoneauthors.blogspot.com

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