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Mimosas, Mischief, and Murder: An Ellie Avery Mystery #6

Sara Rosett

ISBN 9780758226853
Publish Date 3/29/2011
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, Cozy
List Price: $22.00

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Super-organized Ellie Avery thinks she’s prepared for everything when she and her family set off for an extended visit with her in-laws—clothes, books, and enough games and toys to entertain two stir-crazy kids on a six-hour drive. But the one thing she hasn’t planned for is cold-blooded murder…

As soon as Ellie and her husband, Mitch, arrive at his parents’ gracious home in Smarr, Alabama, they are shocked to learn that Mitch’s Grandpa Fanklin has passed away. More shockingly, a too-quickly-closed police investigation raises more questions about Franklin’s death than it answers. As the quirky, extended Avery family clan closes ranks around their own, she realizes that quite a few relatives stood to profit from Franklin’s passing, and she can’t help looking for motives among the mourners. When a little more sleuthing reveals Franklin’s mysterious ties to a famous, reclusive local author whose writings are worth megabucks, something doesn’t sit right with Ellie…and it’s not just the homemade grits.

As genteel Southern tradition collides with greedy and possibly murderous passions, another disturbing death confirms Ellie’s suspicions. With Alabama’s biggest book festival fast approaching, she sees danger brewing faster than sweet tea. Who can she trust? Looking over her shoulder for a killer who’s definitely onto her, Ellie needs to act fast if she wants to save her family…and herself!

Don’t miss Ellie Avery’s great tips for preserving family treasures!

About Sara Rosett:

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Sara Rosett has always loved to curl up with a good book. The wife of an Air Force pilot, she and her family moved nine times—giving her plenty of expertise to write Moving is Murder. They are currently living in Georgia with their two children and two dogs. Sara’s work appeared in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul, and she is working on the next Mom Zone mystery.

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Amateur Sleuthing Has Never Been More Fun! (Wednesday, April 20, 2011)
Reviewer: Amy Lignor

Ellie Avery mysteries have always been a favorite among ‘cozy’ mystery readers. Not only is the character of Ellie Avery fun, intelligent, and entertaining, but the titles, alone, draw readers to each and every story. Ellie has been the ‘star’ of Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder; Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder (Love these), and Mrs. Avery is one amateur sleuth that has stolen readers’ hearts.

In this latest mystery, Ellie, her husband, Mitch, and their two children are packed into the car for a road trip. They are traveling to see Mitch’s family. He’s an air force pilot, so it’s extremely difficult for them to plan any family vacations. Mitch seems a bit tense as they drive on, while the two kids in the back seat have had just about enough of ‘I-spy’ and other car games.

Mitch and Ellie are going to stay for a week with Mitch’s family to see his mother receive the Realtor of the Year Award, and also attend Book Daze - which is the Smarr, GA book festival that draws in hundreds of big-name authors. But when they arrive at the house, every car belonging to every member of Mitch’s family seems to be parked in the driveway…and the sad faces that are coming out to greet them make Mitch and Ellie a bit wary. They soon find out that Mitch’s beloved Grandfather died the night before. Kenny Franklin was eighty-two years old and lived a good life, but he was now with the angels.

As the pace increases like a rocket, Ellie soon finds some strange ‘signs’ in the deceased home - like a broken window, and drawers and cabinets that look like they’ve been gone through by someone who was looking for something. The characters come out of the woodwork. There’s one family member, Felicity, who has already been to the house and taken some things because she couldn’t wait for the Will to be read. There’s an Aunt Christine who is beside herself with the fact that she didn’t check on Grandpa Kenny the night before like she usually does; and many, many others.

Ellie talks to a cop who says that the death is on the ‘books’ as a natural stroke, but can always be re-opened. Even the police seem to have a bit of an odd feeling where the death is concerned. Ellie takes off with her sleuthing skills - and gets even more into the crime when she discovers that the funeral parlor has lost the body of dear Grandpa.

This is one of the most fast-paced, entertaining, suspenseful ‘cozies’ that is on the market today, and fans will absolutely love following Ellie once again as she solves the crime! Enjoy!

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