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Putting It Back Together

Rhonda M. Lawson

ISBN 9781599830827
Publish Date 4/1/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Urban Soul
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Pediatrician Alexis White has returned to her beloved city of New Orleans to treat children affected by Hurricane Katrina. Although her financial return has been slow, she is glad to be home. She is a firm believer that home is the only place where one can mend, be it a broken home, broken spirits or even a broken heart--and Alexis knows all about having a broken heart. She’s never been able to get over her true love, Reggie Morgan.

Reggie Morgan is a man in need of mending, too. As a successful football star, he should be enjoying his life. But with his upcoming divorce and the custody battle over his son, his only joy is his memories of Alexis. The more he thinks about her, the more he wants her. But where is she now? And can he get her back after all these years?

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