Carl Weber, New York Times and Essence® bestselling novelist, is the author of Up to No Good, Something on the Side, The First Lady, She Ain’t the One (co-authored with Mary B. Morrison), The Preacher’s Son, Player Haters, Baby Momma Drama, Married Men, Lookin’ for Luv, and the novella “Easy Street,” written with La Jill Hunt and included in the collection he edited, A Dollar and A Dream.

Despite the success and acclaim Carl Weber has had with all of his novels, he says that the path which led him there was not a direct one. “I am a life-long reader and wanted to write, but I wasn’t the best English student,” Weber admits.

When he saw fiction by African Americans beginning to be taken more seriously by publishers, he couldn’t resist putting pen to paper. “I wanted to write a book about ordinary people who have crazy things happen in their lives,” Weber says. His work stood out and quickly received critical acclaim.

“Once you get one under your belt, once you get that first break, life is easier,” says Weber, whose first novel, Lookin’ For Luv, a relationship story written from the rarely heard male perspective, was published in 2000. Weber drew upon personal experiences with “a little more spice” in creating Married Men, his second novel, and then moved away from his comfort zone with Baby Momma Drama, his third novel, which he wrote from a woman’s perspective.

Carl Weber has had a hand in all aspects of the publishing world. A former writer for the Amsterdam News, he is the founder and publisher of Urban Books. Urban Books is one of the largest African-American owned book publishing companies in the country.

Prior to his writing career, Weber earned a reputation as a leading bookseller and was honored with Blackboard’s Bookseller of the Year award. He graduated from Virginia State University and holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Virginia. He lives in Long Island, New York, with his family.