Zara’s Tips for Success

By Elle Wright

Dedicated. Talented. Ambitious. Sports agent, Zara Reid, is not just another pretty face. With an impressive roster of acclaimed clients, it’s no surprise that many agencies have tried to lure her to their teams. Only one firm offered her what she needed, though—Pure Talent Agency.

Now, she’s sharing her tips for success.

Zara Reid’s 10 Tips for Success

1. Life is like a game of basketball. Keep your eyes on the ball, maintain self-control, don’t rush to shoot your shot, strategize your next play, and bounce back quickly after missing the shot or you may lose the game.

2. The game CANNOT be played without a team. You need your squad!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

3. Vulnerability is strength. Embrace it.

4. Failure is a part of life. And it’s okay to take an “L”. Sometimes the hardest falls give birth to the greatest ideas.

5. Move in silence. Everyone does not need to know your plans.

6. Never be afraid to speak your truth. But also know when to shut up.

7. Tacos are LOVE. Especially Short Rib tacos. Yum. The moral to this tip… Eat good! Food is nourishment. Food is fuel for your brain.

Photo by Chitokan from Pexels

8. Treat yourself. You deserve it. Spa Day, dinner with friends, game nights… Let yourself have a donut. It can change everything about your day. Maybe even your life. Truly one of God’s greatest creations.

9. Don’t let a fortune cookie give you the answers. It’s just a cookie.

10. Sex is a great stress reliever. So, get busy.

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