Your Fav Fair Activity Picks Your Next Read!

In summer, the to-do list is endless with activities like ice cream parlor runs, hiking trips, and afternoons spent strolling the beach boardwalk. But to us, one of the best summertime activities is going to a local fair, where the delicious smell of funnel cakes fills the air, stuffed animals await to be won, and laughter can be heard all around. If you were wandering through your local county fair this summer, which attraction would call out to you first? Discover your next read while exploring this list of activities at a summer festival!

As soon as you step on to the fairgrounds, you’re sniffing out the baked good stand. Your sweet tooth simply can’t be denied; and with the scent of funnel cakes and homemade pies filling the air, why should it? This summer, refresh your taste buds with PINK LEMONADE CAKE MURDER by Joanne Fluke. After all, summers were meant to be spent with our favorite culinary sleuth Hannah Swensen, right?

If the local fair has any water attractions, you’re there in your swimwear. It doesn’t matter whether you’re floating down a lazy river or lounging by the wave pool, being near the water is your happy place. And while you’re soaking in the vitamin D, pick up a hot romance to read! IN THE CASE OF HEARTBREAK by Courtney Kae will give you all the summertime feels.

If you’re in a setting where live music is playing, you’re definitely dancing and singing along. You’re a walking Spotify playlist who loves to jam whenever you can. But while you’re cha-cha sliding this summer, pick up INTERMISSION by Phyllis R. Dixon and join a girl group who’s hoping to make a comeback!

At any summer fair, you can be found chillin’ by the food trucks! You consider yourself a foodie akin to Guy Fieri when you bond with the grill masters. As someone who has the tastebuds for adventure, take a bite out of a thriller that will take you on an action-packed ride full of espionage in SECOND SHOT by Cindy Dees.

At any summer festival, you have the most fun playing games and going on fair rides. You’re shelling out all your tickets for a chance to win a stuffed Scooby Doo. This summer, indulge in a second chance romance where the hero must win back the heroine’s heart in THE DUELING DUCHESS by Minerva Spencer!

As an artsy person, you love browsing crafts made by local artisans whenever you can. You appreciate beautiful things made by hand, and enjoy surrounding yourself with their exquisite beauty. If crafting is one of your favorite hobbies, THE SEAMSTRESS OF NEW ORLEANS by Diane McPhail will captivate your creative soul!