Your Everyday Potato Sabzi (Sautéed Spiced Potatoes) with Sonali Dev

Some variation of Potato Sabzi is a staple in Indian cuisine across regions. Essentially, you’re sautéing potatoes with spices and you can easily substitute or skip any of the spice ingredients you don’t have in your pantry. My recommendation is that you don’t skip the cumin, the turmeric, the salt, and the green chilies.



3 to 4 medium potatoes

1 tbsp oil, ghee or butter

¾ tsp cumin seeds (use powdered cumin if that’s what you have at hand)

1 green chili pepper, chopped (use cayenne pepper to taste if that’s what you have at hand)

Salt to taste

½ tsp lemon juice or as required

½ tsp sugar

Turmeric (optional but desired)

9-10 curry leaves (optional)

¾ tsp mustard seeds (optional)

A pinch of asafetida (optional)

1 to 2 tbsp chopped cilantro leaves for garnish



1. Rinse and boil the potatoes whole until fully cooked but not mushy

2. Peel and chop the potatoes into ½ inch cubes

3. Heat oil in a pan

4. Lower the flame, add the mustard seeds and let them pop (optional)

5. Add the cumin seeds and brown for a minute

6. Add the turmeric powder

7. Add the asafetida (optional)

8. Add the green chilies and curry leaves and sauté for a minute

9. Add the chopped potatoes and stir until coated with the tempered/spiced oil

10. Add salt and sugar and sauté the potatoes for 5 minutes on a low flame

11. Cover and cook for 5 minutes

12. Turn off the flame, add the lemon juice and stir

13. Garnish with cilantro leaves

14. Serve with rotis, rice or bread