Which Flock Character are you?


Pick an eye color.

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Which tattoo are you getting?

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Which Flock Character are you?
Cecelia Leann Horner

Simultaneously a die-hard and a reluctant romantic, Cecelia comes to Triple Falls thinking it will be a short chapter in the story of her life, but finds so much more there…
Alfred 'Sean' Robert

The golden retriever of the group, Sean works hard and he plays hard. And if you know what’s good for you, never get between him and his car
Jean 'Dominic' King

A rapscallion if ever there was one, Dominic is a bit of a daredevil and vacillates between being proud of his older brother and chafing at living in his shadow
Ezekial Tobias King

A natural leader, Tobias is driven and confident, and always one step ahead of everyone else. If you have him in your corner you are as good as gold, but if not, watch out.

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