What Gift Should You Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day?


Which superpower best suits your mom?

Pick a chore to take over for your mom.

Pick a refreshing drink for your mom.

Pick a sweet treat for her!

Which is your mom's favorite color?

Which flower would your mom prefer?

Pick a relaxing activity she would enjoy.

Which pet would your mom prefer?

Pick a favorite outdoor activity for your mom.

What is her dream vacation?

What Gift Should You Get Your Mom for Mother's Day?
The Wild Lavender Bookshop

This is for the moms who are readers, give them a little downtime to dig into this sweet slow burn romance featuring complicated dynamics and give them a beautiful notebook to jot down all their thoughts into.
A Cyclist's Guide to Crime and Croissants

This is for the always on the go, always problem solving moms. Let them sleep in or stay in bed and start reading this lighthearted cozy mystery set in France while you handle the work in the kitchen.
A Gamble at Sunset

This is for the mom with an eye for beauty who always puts her family first. Give her a framed family portrait of everyone looking their best and on their best behavior and give her the time to sit down and start this Regency romance perfect for "Bridgerton" lovers.
The Diva Delivers on a Promise

This is for the mom who is the hostess with the mostest, get her a pretty cake stand to upgrade her presentation skills, and perhaps bake a cake to give it to her with, then let her get lost in a sugary slice while she gains a few party throwing tips from the heroine of this fantastic cozy mystery.

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