Quiz: Which Someday Valley Resident Are You?


Quiz: Which Someday Valley Resident Are You?
You're most like: Rusty!

You’re most like Rusty! Rusty is known for being an honest man and a hard worker. While he may seem tough on the outside, he’s a softie on the inside who loves unconditionally. What he desires most is a loving family. Luckily for him, he’s about to meet a few long-lost siblings, and his loner lifestyle will soon transform with a little love.
You're most like: Starri

You’re most like Starri! Starri is a cheerful spirit in Someday Valley. She’s a strawberry farmer with a dreamer mindset and a love for horse riding. She believes in seeing the good in others—and the power of fate. So when she pulls a man from a wrecked car, she knows they were destined to meet. But convincing him he has something to live for will take all of Starri’s faith in miracles…
You're most like: Emma!

You’re most like Emma! Emma is a kind and gentle soul. She’s a shy nurse with a quiet life. But when she loves, she loves deeply and with all her heart. So it’s no surprise she’s been pining for the same man for years. But will she have any hope of a future with him?
You're most like: Jackson!

You’re most like Jackson! Jackson is logical and known for his good morals. He’s a simple man who enjoys helping others. Even though he’s quite responsible, he’s young at heart. And when he meets Starri Knight in Someday Valley, she’ll help bring out his adventurous side…

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