Quiz: Which New Americana Hero is Your Perfect Fit?


Quiz: Which New Americana Hero is Your Perfect Fit?
Beau Sutton from HOPE CREEK

Your perfect fit is Beau Sutton! Beau is a trustworthy guy who never left his hometown and instead threw himself into his life’s work and passion for fishing. With the beautiful South Carolina scenery to guide him, his heart and soul are as pure as his love for the Lowcountry.
Travis Alden from PARADISE PEAK

Your perfect fit is Travis Alden! An imperfect man who is dedicated to making things right. His past is complicated, but his heart is pure gold and he’s a strong person who loves honest work. Travis will rise to any difficult occasion and put others before himself every time.
Mitch Hart from HART'S HOLLOW FARM

Your perfect fit is Mitch Hart. A farm boy who ran away from his traumatic past to become a savvy businessman. He fiercely cares for his family and will do what it takes to make sure those he loves are protected. You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy!

Your perfect fit is Burke Caldwell. An established businessman with a past, utterly devoted to his family and friends. His heart is true and his love is deep, Burke is ready to fight for something real no matter the consequences.
John Wolf from REFUGE COVE

Your perfect fit is John Wolf. A rugged pilot who is as resourceful as he is gentle. His skills in nature match his desire to keep those he loves safe. Burly and handsome, John is the perfect person to rely on when things get tough.
Jake O’Reilly from SUNRISE CANYON

Your perfect fit is Jake O’Reilly. A brave veteran whose heart is as big as his passion for life. He cares for his country and his family and makes sure to always do the right thing. Although his past includes trauma, his journey to heal and the respect he has for those around him make for a fantastic partner.

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