Quiz: Which Ghost of Thwaite Manor Are You?


Quiz: Which Ghost of Thwaite Manor Are You?
You're most like: Bree

You’re most like Bree! Bree is a mischievous ghost girl who delights in pranking guests at Thwaite Manor. She doesn’t say much, but is able to move items around and can be seen on moonlit nights. She is a fierce protector of the ones she loves.
You're most like: Tibbles

You’re most like Tibbles! Tibbles is the ghostly tabby cat of Thwaite Manor. He is calm, easygoing, and sticks to his regular feline schedule. He can be found peacefully sleeping in one of the manor’s beds each night.
You're most like: Jeremiah

You’re most like Jeremiah! Jeremiah is a gentlemanly ghost who can be seen every night walking his usual route. He’s the author of the Thwaite histories, which he wrote in the nineteenth century. He’s intelligent, polite, and minds his own business.
You're most like: George

You’re most like George! George is a ghost who is as mean and brutal in life as he is in death. He’s a vengeful poltergeist who infects Thwaite Manor. He enjoys slamming doors and inspiring fear within others. He must soon be banished from the manor…

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