Quiz: Which Famous Female Ghost Are You?


Quiz: Which Famous Female Ghost Are You?
Bridget Bishop

“Bridget Bishop fit the persistent stereotype of a witch: elderly, alone, defiant.” You’ve no doubt learned about the Salem Witch Trials but what about the first person to be executed during the trials? By the time Bridget was accused of witchcraft, she was already considered to be on the outskirts of society. Curious about what led to her to be accused and how Salem has changed since the trials? This is the story for you.
Lucy Dutton

“With Cazenovia Lake as an epicenter, Lucy Dutton’s meandering path grew as wide and large as the tales told of her.” But who was Lucy Dutton? Although the stories vary in degrees, the consensus is that Lucy was jilted by the man she loved who instead married her sister. After the betrayal, she began wandering about Upstate New York and her wanderings have turned into legends and ghost sightings.
Eliza Jumel

“She’s always there, waiting. Keeping a watchful eye from one of the highest points on Manhattan Island.” If you love ghost stories about haunted buildings and NYC history then you’ll want to step into the mansion of Eliza Jumel. Eliza and her first husband Stephen purchased the mansion in now Washington Heights in 1810. After the death of her second husband (and former infamous vice president) Aaron Burr, Eliza would continue to live in the mansion until her death in 1865. If you do make a trip to the Morris-Jumel mansion, though, looking for ghosts: “…you have to be polite and treat her as she always yearned to be treated. Defer to the lady of the house. There’s no avoiding her.”
Lizzie Borden

“Few criminal cases have inspired as much research, passion, argument, literary and dramatic adaptation, and full-blown obsession as the Lizzie Borden one.” If you’re fascinated with the Lizzie Borden case, you’re most certainly not alone. This story explores the facts of the case, Lizzie Borden herself, and the supposed hauntings of the Borden home.

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