Quiz: Which Courtney Kae Character Are You Most Like Based on Your Favorite Summer Drink?


When it comes to your ideal summer drink, which do you prefer?

Your favorite summer drink reminds you of:

You’re preparing to lay out by the pool. What kind of concoction are you preparing?

Who would you share a drink with?

Pick the perfect garnish for your summer beverage:

Which best describes you?

It’s happy hour! Which are you in the mood for?

When I think about my ideal summer drink, I think of something:

Which would you love to sip on while relaxing with friends?

Quiz: Which Courtney Kae Character Are You Most Like Based on Your Favorite Summer Drink?

You love your career and living in the city, but you also might want to a break and return to the small town you grew up in for a recharge. So if you’re trying to work through things in your past and find a fresh start, it might be nice to chat with Morgan over a lavender lemonade. Who knows…maybe you’ll find the perfect way to save your crush’s Christmas tree farm! Preorder: https://www.therippedbodicela.com/product/event-love-courtney-kae-signed

If you’re the person everyone relies on, you love the outdoors, and are maybe a little tough to get to know, then we think you’re most like Rachel! Sit down for a classically smooth bourbon on the rocks with one of our leading ladies after a hard day of work over at the tree farm.

Do you have a big heart and plans to give your friends the nudge they need when you think they’re not being honest with themselves? Grab a mai tai with Ben to discuss the well-meaning (but slightly sneaky) ways to bring back a friend and also play matchmaker.

If you love spending time in the local bar playing live music (or maybe just listening to it), it’s time to add an ice cold IPA to your tab just like Adam! Why not pull up a chair to discuss music, being protective siblings, and possibly complicated love lives?

Do you one daydream of owning a fairy-themed store of some kind? Do you love spending time in the garden? Do your friends sometimes call you whimsical? You’d connect with Whitney over her favorite summery drink, a hibiscus iced tea!

You’re quite the social butterfly, just like Fern Falls’ literature-loving bartender, Tanner! Kick back at the small-town bookish bar with a delicious frosé on hand this summer. If you’re lucky, your local crush may finally notice you. Or maybe they’re truly immune to your swoon-worthy smile…

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