Quiz: What Magical Faction Do You Belong In?


Quiz: What Magical Faction Do You Belong In?
You are a: Centaur

You are one of the Centaurs! Warrior centaurs cannot only shift to a completely human form on two legs, but also to a battle form that often includes antlers, fangs, and sometimes claws. They dwell within the beautiful Amichai Mountains and would do anything to protect their people. Like the Centaurs, you’re brave and aren’t afraid to meet your foes face-to-face.
You are a: Blood Warlock

You are one of the Blood Warlocks! Shrouded in mystery, Blood Warlocks must sacrifice their appearances to wield magick. They’re known for their rich colored robes that cover their faces. When their religious magick practices are threatened, they will go to war to protect them. Like the Blood Warlocks, you aren’t tied to any land and prefer to travel wherever you please.
You are a: Demon Wolf

You are one of the Demon Wolves! Demon Wolves are known to be fierce predators from the hell pits. They’re known for their eyes of flame and drool made of blood. Their deadly teeth and claws keep their foes at bay, and may the gods help any human that crosses them. Like the Demon Wolves, you are only loyal to the creatures of your choosing and would do anything to protect them.
You are a: Wood Elf

You are one of the Wood Elves! Wood Elves wield very old, strong magicks. They’re powerful tricksters who can be a bit prideful. They dwell in the rich forests by the Amichai Mountains and are known to revere their sacred land. Like the Wood Elves, you value the earth and your home and would do anything to protect it.
You are a: Divine Assassin

You are one of the Divine Assassins! Divine Assassins are sorcerers from the mountainous desert lands. They’re known for their deadly connection with nature. They can control the elements and animals to sneakily kill on command and their foes never see them coming. Like the Divine Assassins, you are a crafty (and oftentimes sneaky) person with a close relationship to the earth.

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