Quiz: Plan Your Own Quinceañera and Get a Romance Book Recommendation!


Quiz: Plan Your Own Quinceañera and Get a Romance Book Recommendation!
TWICE A QUINCEANERA by Yamile Saied Méndez

You love all things glitz and glamour just like Nadia! After kicking her cheating fiancé to the curb, Nadia decides to reclaim her wedding day and throw herself a second quinceañera for her 30th birthday. But what happens when the man in charge of the venue is none other than her college fling? Join her for a special celebration celebrate life, family, and her second chance at first love.
A GHOST IN SHINING ARMOR by Therese Beharrie

Your perfect quinceañera captures the beauty of a dark and starry night. And for that, we recommend a paranormal romance that will enchant you. Gemma has a unique gift: she can see ghosts. But when Levi floats into her life, he isn’t at all like the other spirits she’s helped before. Join Gemma and her ghostly love interest, Levi, on a journey filled with second chances and magical kisses…
IN THE EVENT OF LOVE by Courtney Kae

You’d love your quinceañera to feel like a winter wonderland with all your favorite friends. We recommend you take a journey to the magical small town of Fern Falls! When Morgan’s career suddenly implodes, she flees Los Angeles for her little hometown. There she reconnects with her best friend turned crush, Rachel, who broke her heart years ago. But a Christmas tree farm fundraiser may just help the two gain their own heartwarming holiday HEA…

You love all things spooky and fun, just like a special trio of witches who are forbidden from practicing magic! When a few romance problems cause these three cousins to lose control of their powers, trouble is soon to follow. Rendezvous with Gwen, Trudy, and Milo for a romantic comedy full of magical mishaps and sexy shenanigans.

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