Quiz: Choose Your Next Historical Read Based on Powerful Women


Quiz: Choose Your Next Historical Read Based on Powerful Women

You will be captivated by the unforgettable spirit at the heart of the bestselling author Andrea Penrose's dazzling new historical novel based on the real life of Lady Hester Stanhope, a British aristocrat born into an illustrious family of swashbuckling war heroes and brilliant political leaders. Lady Hester was a Regency-era adventuress who lived on her own terms and defied all conventional strictures of what a woman could and couldn’t do during the Regency era.

Based on the true story of the Fortune sisters, three young women each at a crossroads when they boarded the RMS Titanic in the spring of 1912 – and how that maiden voyage would transform their lives in profound and unexpected ways.

In the newest of her witty, Regency-set, feminist romances exploring the roles of women in a rigidly patriarchal society, the acclaimed author of Notorious hits the mark with expert sharpshooter, London circus attraction, and French expat Cecile Tremblay. Bridgerton fans will delight in the rapier sharp wit, sexual fireworks, and thought-provoking entertainment of the Wicked Women of Whitechapel.

A beautifully written novel of historical fiction, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Eliza—a fascinating, strong-willed heroine in her own right and a key figure in one of the most gripping periods in American history.

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