Let Your Aesthetic Pick Your Next Regency Read


Where would you like to live?

Which outfit are you wearing?

Which is your favorite color?

Which room is most your style?

Which accessory do you want to wear?

Which dessert do you want to eat?

What does your desk look like?

Which is your favorite flower?

Which tea party would you rather attend?

Which pet would you prefer?

Let Your Aesthetic Pick Your Next Regency Read
Earls Trip

For those who prefer the country to the ton and their own judgment to the strictures of public opinion, this Regency romance is for the free thinkers looking for a light hearted love story.
A Gamble at Sunset

For readers looking for a romance full of the warmth of family, the grandeur of the ton’s elite, and a touch of scandal as a wallflower blooms and ensnares the attention of an influential composer and son of a marquis.
The Groom List

For readers who want to see sisters with high standards navigating London’s marriage mart, and finding more in their prospects than first meets the eye in this fantastic enemies to lovers romance featuring the wealthy and well-regarded Worthington family.
Murder at the Merton Library

For those looking for the slightly more daring side of regency England this mystery features a murder, a conspiracy, and a married couple solving it all. Who said you can’t have it all?

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