Which Regency Romance Should you Read Next Based on Your Favorite Bridgerton Character

Having a hard time picking your next historical romance read? Let the dazzling personalities from everyone’s favorite period piece help you with that…

A Gamble at Sunset by Vanessa Riley

An impulsive kiss makes for a fake courtship that turns heart-poundingly real in this sparkling Regency romance featuring three sisters grasping to maintain their position and find love in a society where reputation is everything. Fans of Penelope Featherington, the misleadingly demure authoress about to get her due in this latest season will adore Georgina Wilcox, a similarly unassuming lady who will prove herself as adept with music as Penelope is with a pen, and as ready for a passionate love story.

Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday

This Bridgerton meets Ted Lasso romance brings a modern sensibility to Regency charm, that readers with a soft spot for fan favorite, the unconventional Eloise Bridgerton, will adore. Archibald, the Earl of Harcourt, embarks on an annual adventure with his best friends, only to have their plans upended by the unexpected arrival of childhood friends, Clementine and Olive Morgan. When the spirited Clementine proposes a scandalous arrangement, Archie must navigate the complexities of friendship, desire, and societal expectations in this hilarious bromantic comedy.

The Groom List by Ella Quinn

Lady Alice navigates the Season with her checklist of musts for a suitable husband, but when she encounters the charming Marquis of St. Albans, Gifford, during a morning ride, her expectations are challenged. Giff needs to wed to secure his estate, but his lighthearted demeanor clashes with Alice’s serious intentions, devotees of Anthony Bridgerton, an earl with initially mercenary marriage intentions but a true heart at his core will find a character to root for in Gifford because as doubtful Alice is of him, when his true character is tested, she realizes that true worthiness transcends any checklist.

Damned if I Duke by Anna Bradley

Lovers of Simon Basset, the prickly yet charming duke determined not to wed will find his kindred spirit in Jasper Vincent, Duke of Montford, in the scandalous romance. Prudence Thorne seeks retribution against Jasper, whom she believes wronged her family. But when her blackmail scheme goes awry, they find themselves reluctantly married. Despite initial animosity, Prue and Jasper discover a passionate attraction, as they navigate the complexities of their forced union, they realize that true love may not conform to society’s expectations.

Accidentally His by Sabrina Jeffries

Madame Delacroix, the industrious and astute modiste to the ton in Bridgerton does not seem interested in marriage, so viewers enticed by the idea of one for her may want to turn their attention to Lady Verity, a woman dedicated to her work at Elegant Occasions, Regency London’s top choice for event planning. Intent on avoiding love after a past heartbreak she nonetheless finds herself entangled with the charming but secretive Rafe Wolfford, a viscount’s heir. Their courtship, initially a ruse to uncover espionage, becomes complicated by unexpected desire.

The Lady Plays With Fire by Susanna Craig

Julia Addison navigates the glittering society of the Regency era London while crafting biting reviews as a witty theatre critic for Mrs. Goode’s Magazine for Misses. Tensions rise when she finds herself in a theatre box with none other than Graham,  the Earl of Dunstane, the man who secretly penned the last play she panned. Readers rooting for the burgeoning artist, Benedict Bridgerton, who is attempting to establish his artistic merit independently of his laudable family name will feel a connection to Graham. As he and Julia navigate a tumultuous relationship, will love conquer all or will challenges extinguish their fiery affair?