What type of cozy reader are you?

This is DEADLY RIDE author, Jody Holford, and I want to help you discover what kind of Cozy Mystery reader you are! So let’s get started with the fun. I’ll ask a series of questions about what kind of reader you are. All you have to do is answer to the best of your ability and then check out the answer key at the bottom of the blog to see your results.

1. I have read
a) <50 cozies
b) >50 but <100
c) 100+ cozies

2. I am an avid reader. I’m talking one to two books a week. (Doesn’t have to be cozy)
a) No
b) sometimes
c) absolutely

3. If I’m reading a cozy mystery, I prefer it to be part of a series.
a) Not necessary
b) sometimes
c) cannot be a standalone

4. I follow my favorite cozy mystery authors on social media.
a) Nope
b) On at least one
c) yes!

5. If a friend is looking for a good mystery book, I can
a) Suggest one
b) hand them a stack
c) go on for hours about the best ones

6. When my favorite author releases a book
a) I put it on my TBR list
b) I pre order it
c) I do my best to get an advance copy

7. When I’m into a book, I can visualize the characters and grow attached
a) Um, it’s just a book
b) Depends on the book
c) I totally do this

8. Are books great stress relievers?
a) They can be
b) Depends on the stress
c) Always yes

9. I’m always recommending books to others. I can’t help myself.
a) Not really
b) Sometimes
c) Yup

10. It’s okay if I don’t find time to read in the week.
a) Sure, that’s life.
b) I don’t like these weeks
c) WHAT? No time to read?

Agatha Christie:

(mostly ‘c’)

You are all about the cozy but really, you just need a book in your hand. You spend time curled up under your favorite warm blanket, a furry friend on your lap, a cup of tea at your side, reading well past your bedtime. For you, there’s no such thing as too many cozies.

Nancy Drew:

(pretty even between ‘b’ & ‘c’)

You love a mysterious read with an unexpected sleuth as the main character. You love to read, period. Books, books, books. As much as you love cozies, you’re happy to explore beyond the genre.

Hardy Boy:

(mostly ‘b’)

Following clues leads you to your happy place. Mysteries are fun. Reading is fun. Putting the two together is double the fun. When you can find time for it. When you do manage to get some quiet time with a book, it doesn’t have to be a cozy but you wouldn’t turn one down.

Amateur Sleuth:

(mostly ‘a’)

You like books as much as the next person but you’re new to this mysterious cozy scene. Reading isn’t something you eek a lot of time out for but when you do, mystery is as good a pick as any other.

Well? What did you get? Is it accurate? If not, hopefully it was fun.