What to Read if You’re Dreaming of Italy

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Rome, Italy’s diverse landscapes and cultures have inspired countless authors to set their novels within its borders. So, if you’ve been eager to explore all that Italy has to offer, here some books that will inspire your wanderlust!

Take the Long Way Home by Rochelle Alers

Freedom fighter, brilliant businessperson, devoted wife, master of languages, and ultimately, savior of a European dynasty. Claudia Patterson would become all of these—spurred on by the fiercely powerful loves and losses along the way…

Murder in an Italian Village by Michael Falco

For young widow Bria Bartolucci, running a B&B in the sun-soaked village of Positano, Italy, was supposed to be like going on a permanent vacation. But it’s hardly la bella vita when her first guest is a dead body.

Romeantically Challenged by Marina Adair

Annie’s need to getaway unexpectedly lands her working at a hospital in Rome, Rhode Island, rather than Rome, Italy, and sharing a cabin with a big, brooding, and annoyingly hot male roommate.

The Woman in the Castello by Kelsey James

This sophisticated, atmospheric debut spins a bewitching web of ruthless ambition, family secrets, and the consequences of forbidden love, as an ambitious American actress snags the starring role in a mysterious horror movie shooting on location in a crumbling medieval castle outside Rome.

The Sunflower Girl by Rosanna Chiofalo

Alternating between the viewpoints of both mother and daughter, and between Italy during World War II and a quarter-century later, The Sunflower Girl is a poignant and moving story of the choices we make in the name of love, and the secrets that echo through generations.

Four Hundred and Forty Steps to the Sea by Sara Alexander

Santina, still a striking woman despite old age and the illness that saps her last strength, is spending her final days at her home, Villa San Vito. The magnificent eighteenth-century palazzo is very different from the tiny house in which she grew up. And as she decides its fate, she must confront the choices that led her here so long ago 

Tuscan Holiday by Holly Chamberlin

In this smart, tender, insightful novel, bestselling author Holly Chamberlin introduces two very different women who, over the course of two unforgettable weeks, learn about unbreakable bonds, unshakeable love, and the chances that come once in a lifetime—and change us forever.