What to Read if You Love Hallmark Movies

Christmas in July is here! Do you love Hallmark movies? Discover the Hallmark-worthy stories within the pages of these book recs!

If you love “Fir Crazy” you should try In the Event of Love by Courtney Kae

If you love Christmas trees, a heroine with a complicated relationship with her past who is forced to confront it because of a career mishap, an unbelievably sweet love interest, and the fight of the little guy against corporate greed you will love this book!

If you love “Christmas in Toyland” you should try The Brightest Star by Fern Michaels

For those who love a Christmas store, a Christmas loving romantic pair looking to reinvigorate their Christmas spirit, and possibly saving some jobs along the way! Get ready for plenty of sweet little holiday details as well!

If you love “Christmas Comes Twice” you should try Lavender & Mistletoe by Donna Kauffman

If you are a fan of the romantic misadventures of two brainy kids all grown up and what happens when rivalry turns to romance these are both fantastic Christmas romances to enjoy! And of course don’t forget the charming small town setting.

If you love “Deliver by Christmas” you should try Santa’s Sweetheart by Janet Dailey

In both of these sweet Christmas tales kids want just one thing for Christmas, a mother, and they think they’ve found the perfect woman for their father. It takes the adults a little longer to get on the same page but don’t worry, they soon begin feeling the love, for the holiday and each other.

If you love “The Nine Lives of Christmas” you should try Snowball’s Christmas by Kristin McKanagh

Cats bring couples together in these holiday romances. The couples in both of these romances may be hesitant to admit their feelings but as they grow closer over the holidays it becomes harder and harder to deny.