Ways To Incorporate Vintage Pieces Into Your Modern Wardrobe by Cookie Chanel


Vintage fashion never goes out of style! Wearing vintage can be intimidating at first. If you don’t want to wear a complete vintage outfit, you can merge the old with the new. But buying vintage can be overwhelming since there are many things to think about when making your vintage purchase. Is this the correct size? Is the fabric too delicate or fragile? Will it look outdated?

So here are a few ideas for integrating vintage into your daily outfit that might made your purchases a little easier.

Belts— There are many styles of belts that are timeless. Match a fun and funky Sixties silk sash with a modern dress you just bought from Nordstrom. Finish your fashionable look by pairing an Eighties western style belt with your new trendy shirt dress.

Handbags— Handbags never go out of style! Who wouldn’t love a vintage Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Maybe a classic Chanel bag to pair with your favorite little black dress? You can find great bargains by searching for vintage handbags. Everything from straw clutches to a leather cross-body. Anything goes as long as you love it!

Jewelry— There are many fun options with jewelry. You can pin a beautiful Forties brooch to your new jacket or accessorize your cocktail dress with a delicate necklace from the Fifties. How about having fun with a pair of Eighties earrings?

Scarves— Scarves have so many uses. With all the colorful prints and sizes, you can use them in your hair, around your waist, neck, or as an accessory for your handbag. How about using a scarf as a bracelet? Wrap it around your wrist and you have a fun “new” vintage addition to your wardrobe.

Sweaters— Sweaters are a great addition to your closet. From cardigans to crew necks. You can match them with a pretty party dress or wear them with your favorite jeans.

Hats— A hat would definitely top off your outfit and make it unique. And you have the additional fun of being able to say “It’s vintage” when someone asks where you bought it. Chances are it will be a one of a kind piece. And who doesn’t like to be unique?

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