Valentines Book and Gift Pairings

For a book lover any holiday is the perfect occasion for a new book, but for the most romantic day of the year we cooked up some book and gift pairings sure to satisfy the romance reader in your life!

Pucking Around by Emily Rath and tickets to a sporting event

Rachel Price, a sports medicine practitioner, lands her dream job with Jacksonville’s NHL team, only to find herself working closely with a player she once shared an unforgettable night with, who doesn’t remember her. As she faces the challenges of her new position, Rachel must resist the seduction of Mr. Perfect Mistake while navigating the dynamics of the team and is about to discover if she can resist the allure of not one but three irresistible players in this off-the-charts sexy hockey romance. The perfect accompaniment to this exhilarating read is tickets to your favorite local sporting event, invite as many people as you like…

Her Soul to Take by Harley Laroux and dark chocolate

Leon, known as “Killer” to magicians, has an unblemished reputation until he encounters Rae—the one he was meant to kill but refuses to lose to a sinister cult. Rae, with a passion for hunting ghosts, had no idea of the chaos she would unleash by her accidental summoning of this sizzlingly fierce demon. As ancient evil awakens and shadows deepen, their lives intertwine, and Rae discovers that the demon stalking her desires more than just her body—he craves her soul. Pair with a bar of rich dark chocolate for a Valentines treat as decadent and intense as this read.

At Her Service by Amy Spalding and champagne

Max Van Doren navigates her career as an assistant and love life (i.e. her crush on the very cute bartender, Sadie) with a self-actualization app sponsored by her influencer roommate, Chelsey. Just as Max’s dreams seem within reach, a revelation about her crush’s involvement in the app’s campaign leads to heartbreak. This sweet and relatable sapphic rom-com explores self-improvement, chasing dreams, and finding authentic love in the digital age. Pair with a bottle of champagne, the perfect fizzy, delicious, and easy drink for the overworked bartenders and assistants in your life who need a chance to unwind.

Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday and flowers

Archibald Fielding-Burton, Earl of Harcourt, and his friends embark on their annual escapade in this Regency rom-com romp, but a family crisis turns it into a ride with unexpected twists. Rescuing childhood pals Clementine and Olive Morgan from Gretna Green, Archie faces complications when Clem proposes a scandalous and enticing deal. Pair this laugh-out-loud bromantic comedy with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, because sometimes in life you have to take a break on your journey to stop and smell the roses.

Luck of the Draw by Kate Clayborn and and engagement ring

After unexpectedly winning the lottery Zoe, seeking redemption, offers apologies to a family she wronged in her cutthroat attorney past. But Aiden, a grieving and gruff member of said family, has a different proposal: he needs Zoe to be his fake fiancée to aid him in a business deal. As they navigate this charade, humor and genuine emotions surface, challenging Aiden’s resolve to keep his heart closed. Pair this romantic tale with an engagement ring, ideally one for a real relationship this time…

Wild Magic by Alexandra Ivy and perfume

Old-world demons, modern-day mages, and irresistible attraction collide, when Peri Sanguis, a Jersey girl with wild magic, unravels violent mysteries from her past. Forced to flee her Wyoming ranch at sixteen, she found solace on the East Coast among mages. When her estranged mother and a coven of witches are murdered, she teams up with Valen, a golden-eyed vampire, to confront a resurrected evil. As danger and passion intertwine, they face blood betrayals and make sacrifices to save themselves and the world. Pair with an entrancing perfume, the scent magic of us mere mortals.

Accidentally His by Sabrina Jeffries and a love letter

A viscount’s heir, Rafe Wolfford, is on a mission: Marry the right kind of woman, while also uncovering a spy. Lady Verity, with her independence and a past engagement haunting her, seems entirely unsuitable for his first objective, but useful for his second. However, as secrets and desires entwine, their courtship becomes more than just a ruse. Love, trust, and surrender become the unexpected ingredients in a Regency romance that defies conventions. Pair with a heartfelt love letter, for when the thought really is what counts.