Try a New Hobby – Needlepoint – Lea Wait

New Year, New You, Try a New Hobby – Needlepoint
Twisted Threads
Lea Wait

One of those other virtuous citizens had killed her.
Maybe Lauren’s father? Maybe one of these nice churchgoing folks nibbling cookies and sipping punch?

Whoever it was, for nineteen years they’d gotten away with it.

Twisted Threads is the first book in a brand new series by Lea Wait. It follows Angie Curtis, a young woman who left home at 18 to escape her mother’s legacy, only to return home ten years later after her mother’s body is found. She gets pulled back into a world she thought she’d left behind, including her grandmother’s custom needlepoint business.

Angie’s grandmother supplements her income with her needlepoint creations.
But what exactly is needlepoint? Or needlearts for that matter?

The National Needlearts Association structures membership into four basic organizations of needlearts:
Counted Thread & Embroidery
Spinning & Weaving

Each section is unique in the way they utilize yarn or thread. In TWISTED THREADS Angie’s grandmother uses needlepoint, which is when yarn or thread is stitched through a stiff canvas. Needlepoint can be seen on wall hangings, purses, pillows, chair backs, or even shoes! There are many different stitches in needlepoint, but one of the most common is the cross-stitch.

Cross-stitching uses ‘X’ shaped stitches to created tiled patterns, and beautiful designs. You can easily create your own cross-stitch design online.

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You can find out more about Lea Wait and her Mainly Needlepoint Mystery series online at:


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