Thriller Recommendations Full of Crime and Corruption

Looking for a few books featuring action, danger, and adventure? We’ve got the perfect book recommendations for you. This list of political and apocalyptic thrillers will keep you on the edge of your seat—and make you question everything. Check out these thrillers inspired by the release of the latest Victoria Emerson Thriller, White Smoke!

White Smoke by John Gilstrap

In a bunker at Hilltop Manor, the remnants of the U.S. government have been imprisoned. A ruthless band of civilians has seized power, with plans to punish former rulers of the country. Although former congresswoman Victoria Emerson is reluctant to leave her small West Virginian town, she knows she must act. Will Victoria be able to restore order to a lawless land ruled by anarchy?

You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

When a couple of kids uncover a graveyard of bodies, FBI profiler Laurel Snow returns to her hometown to hunt down a serial killer. But this case is unlike any other she’s been assigned to before. Especially when her uncle is one of the top suspects, and a certain nosy professor keeps appearing at every turn. Laurel will soon uncover deadly secrets about her hometown’s inhabitants—and those about her own past!

Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

When the world descended into anarchy, Lauren Olamina and her family stayed behind the walls of their safe neighborhood. There, they try to keep their culture alive and live in peace. When a fire kills her family and destroys their compound, Lauren is forced out into a world of danger. But out there, she might be able to save all mankind with one idea…

Lethal Game by John Gilstrap

Jonathan Grave’s enemies stalk him with a vengeance in the newest action-packed thriller from John Gilstrap. In the wilds of Montana, Jonathan and his fellow special-ops friend, Boxers, hunt game. But when shots come flying their way, they realize they’re the ones being hunted. With assassins hot on their trail and a much bigger threat on the horizon, a brand-new nightmare begins.  

Tick Tock by Fern Michaels

The Sisterhood are a group of women bound by friendship and determine to deliver justice where it’s due. But when the Sisterhood’s online security is breached, their worst fears come to life. Now, every woman in their tight-knit group is more vulnerable than ever. A vicious felon is on their trail with a hunger for vengeance. But he’ll soon learn that no one targets the Sisterhood and gets away with it…

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Offred no longer has a family, a job, money of her own, or any access to knowledge. She is a Handmaid under the Republic of Gilead, and she only has one purpose: to breed the next generation. In an age when births are declining, Offred’s value is dependent on her viable ovaries. No longer is she free to do as she pleases. The life she knew before is over.

Survivor’s Guilt by Robyn Gigl

When a suspected suicide turns into a full-blown homicide case, one woman gets caught in the crosshairs of the investigation. Now trapped in a dangerous world of lies, greed, and murder, there’s only one thing she knows to be true—her innocence.  Delve into the dark and dangerous world of offshore bank accounts, computer hacking, and trafficking in the next Erin McCabe Legal Thriller.

Liars’ Paradox by Taylor Stevens

All their lives, twins Jack and Jill were taught to hide, hunt and survive. Trained in the art of espionage, they’ve honed their skills to become living, breathing weapons. But after trying to settle down and live normal lives, they’re suddenly pulled back into the global spy game when their mentor goes missing. But will the twins end up being targeted next?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

In post-apocalyptic America, a father and his son think only of their survival. Slowly, they’ll make their way to the coast, wandering over the ravaged lands that were once full of life. They don’t have much but a cart of scavenged food, the clothes on their back, and each other. What, if anything, will await them at their destination?

Second Shot by Cindy Dees

A former CIA assassins’ attempt at retirement is blown to smithereens after hired killers try to take her out. Fifty-five-year-old Helen Warwick doesn’t know why she’s been targeted—or by who. But when homegrown spies, Russian mafia hitmen, and two serial killers hot on her trail, Helen realizes her past is coming back to haunt her with a vengeance. To stay alive and reconnect with her loved ones, she’ll have to use eliminate every threat. Pre-order the exciting, upcoming thriller from Cindy Dees, SECOND SHOT!