The Magic of Romance

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Paranormal romance, where the stakes are always bigger (Or would that be sharper?) and the darkness and flaws are parables for our own doubts and fears, but in the end, they deliver on the promises of love, hope, and redemption.

It Happened One Midnight by Saranna DeWylde

Three meddling fairy godmothers who are basically the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus if they used their powers for mostly good, a romance novelist, a Latino hero who doesn’t believe in romantic love, and a best friendship that was fated to be the foundation of happily ever after.

A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass

An adorable jaunt into magical realism where hijinks definitely ensue from enchanted cupcakes, to forbidden powers, and witch snitches, but best of all, the magic of true love.

Three Days in Undead Shoes by Dee J. Holmes

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A zombie romance, you say? Yes, please. For fans of Warm Bodies, this one delivers adventure, thrills, and a slow-burn romance with a hero who’d do anything for this capable heroine and her devoted Great Dane as they traverse an apocalypse with wit and hope.

Breaking Badger by Shelley Laurenston

Packed to the brim with rom-com antics, but this one, like all of Laurenston’s titles, hits just the right emotional notes, too. From giggling over sexy honey badgers, to feeling every bit of the couple’s journey to their HEA, this one isn’t to be missed.

Enchant the Night by Amanda Ashley

We can’t have a list about paranormal romance without a classic vampire staple from the incomparable Amanda Ashley. Magic awakenings (in more ways than one), sexy vampires who move through the shadows, a fight for life and death, and of course, the immortal passion that keeps us coming back for more.

RUNNING WILD by Kristen Strassel

The first in Strassel’s Real Werewives of Alaska series that features curvy heroines, a were-reality show, fated mates, and an all-around good time. The author’s voice is what makes this one stand out from a crowd of shifter stories.