The Fairy Godmothers’ Guide to a Fairytale Wedding

by Saranna DeWylde
  1. Be sure to invite all the fairies, even if you think they won’t come.
  2. Always use a licensed and insured fairy godmother service.
  3. Mice are better at sewing ballgowns than wedding dresses.
  4. Throw birdseed instead of rice.
  5. Only invite people you actually want to be there. (Barring the fairies of course, but why wouldn’t you want them all to come?)
  6. Chocolate fountains are filthy. Don’t do it.
  7. Get the open bar. It lubricates social interactions.
  8. Don’t let fat, talking cardinals near the open bar. They swear like sailors.
  9. Pumpkin carriages are always a good idea. They can be modified to match any wedding theme. Even a goth one.
  10. Last, but not least, remember that no matter what else happens, this day is about the celebration of love. Everything else is frosting.

Armed with her trademark mix of quirky charm, witty comedy, and sexy paranormal romance, Saranna DeWylde takes readers on a rollicking ride through twisted fairy tales and towards the ultimate Happily Ever After in her first Fairy Godmothers, Inc. Series installment. Ever After is a town that runs on magic, and that magic is fueled by love. So when the three fairy godmothers in charge of Ever After’s magic supply realize the town’s power has started to wane, they conspire to transform Ever After into a premiere wedding destination in hopes of attracting a major infusion of love to the town…