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Kensington Craft Off! Lauren J.

Clothespin Ornaments: I grew up in a house of very creative and crafty people. My dad used to spray paint intricate backdrops for photos at my birthday parties (themed, of… READ MORE

Kensington Craft Off! Claire H.

Winter Luminary: Set the mood at your next holiday party, or just around the house, with a Winter Luminary! This is a fast and easy decoration that can help use… READ MORE

Kensington Craft Off! Michele S.

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath. I spend 21$ dollars at the dollar store. Flowers. Ornaments. Bells. Pine cones. Birds. Reindeer. Dollar stores are great! Why spend 50-75$ and UP! On a… READ MORE

Kensington Craft Off! Lynn Cahoon

Lighted Garland: This is an easy craft you can make out of all sorts of materials. You’ll need the following:  A new strand of white lights – 50 count Ribbon… READ MORE

Kensington Craft Off! Karen Rose Smith

Author Karen Rose Smith has the perfect DIY stocking stuffer!  Supplies Dried rose petals Dried lavender Dried rosemary Gauze bags Directions These sachets are so easy to assemble whether you… READ MORE

Kensington Craft Off! Pat Esden

 DIY: Miniature Holiday Topiary Want more holiday inspired family crafts? Join Kensington on Facebook Live at 2:00 PM EST on 12/1! Keep reading for a DIY project from Pat Esden… READ MORE