Sweet Things You Can Do for Mom this Mother’s Day

Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com
By Amanda Flower

I love all holidays, both major and minor, and celebrate each one. You need someone to give a shout out about Arbor Day, Sweetest Day, or Flag Day, I’m you girl. I enjoy writing cozies that are set around holidays too, so I was thrilled to have a chance to write a Mother’s Day novella, Botched Butterscotch, for the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries. And writing about Mother’s Day got me thinking about what moms and other important women in your life, grandmas, stepmothers, aunts, etc., would really love for their special day. Here’s the list I compiled.

  • A nap. No, this is true. Moms are busy people and they need rest. If you can think of a way to help them get more rest by doing something around the house or caring for the kids, they would love you for it.
  • Help at home. Again, this is a no brainer. I think it’s safe to say in our society that a lot of the domestic work still falls on women. Cleaning a bathroom, grocery shopping, or even not dropping your shoes in the middle of the floor would make their days.
  • I’m biased here, but I think everything is better with flowers. A bouquet saying “thank you for all you do” really helps moms get through the stressors of life.
  • Say “thank you” and “I love you” to the women in your life as often as you can. Everyone needs to be reminded why they are living the life they have. It gives people purpose to know they are doing a good job. This also goes for dads and men. They need to hear this too.
  • If you’re having trouble deciding what your mom would like this Mother’s Day, pamper her. Take her out for a nice meal, for a manicure or massage, or to a movie.
  • Okay, I’m biased again, but aren’t books the best escape from a stressful life? Give your mother and the other women in your life books that will take them away from their extra-long to do lists for an hour or two. They will be happier with a brief escape in a book.

I hope you liked some of these ideas! To all the moms out there, enjoy your special day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Botched Butterscotch by Amanda FlowerA slice of intrigue. . .

Mother’s Day is a sweet and busy time at the candy shop Bailey King runs with her Amish grandmother. This year is extra special, because Bailey’s parents are visiting Harvest, Ohio. Bailey’s father has rarely returned since leaving the Amish faith over thirty years ago, but Bailey is confident that the right treats can help sugarcoat any awkwardness. For Mother’s Day Tea at the local church, she’s whipping up her mom’s favorite: butterscotch pie. All’s going well, until a sticky-fingered thief makes off with the money raised for a local women’s support group.

While Bailey tries to discover who stuck their fingers in the cookie jar, she encounters an assortment of suspects. It doesn’t help that Juliet, mother of Deputy Aiden Brody, is conspiring with Bailey’s mom to plan Aiden and Bailey’s wedding…though they’re not even engaged! Can Bailey find the culprit before events—both criminal and personal—boil over into disaster?