Surprising Uses For Lavender by Donna Kauffman

I had such a wonderful time researching all things lavender for my brand new Blue Hollow Falls release, LAVENDER BLUE. I am fortunate to live near two lavender farms and the owners of both were very helpful in explaining some of the processes used behind making the lavender products they sell. In the book, the women who own Lavender Blue are embarking on that same mission, and learning curve is steep!

I’m sure you know or have seen lavender used in things like soaps, bath salts, sachets, and the like. I thought you might enjoy learning some of the surprising (at least to me!) things I learned you can also make with lavender or uses for the sweet smelling plant.  Here’s my top five!

  1. I did not know that flowers, such as lavender, could be infused into wine. I am admittedly not a wine drinker, so I can’t personally vouch for the results, but the, ah, “guest researchers” I brought with me enjoyed it very much!
  2. Dryer Sheet Sachets. I have tried this and I love it. The scent is lovely, not overpowering, and the little sachet bag also cuts down on static cling. You can make your own with leftover fabric scraps and dried lavender flowers.
  3. Dry Skin Salve. Combine essential lavender oil with calendula and beeswax to make a salve that helps to heal cracked, dry winter hands. It’s also good on tired muscles and restless legs.
  4. Insomnia Treatment. I don’t suffer from insomnia, but in my research I frequently came across anecdotal and scientific study on the positive calming effects of lavender essential oil as a sleep aid.
  5. Lavender Vinegar. This one is almost a Top 5 List all by itself! You can use lavender-infused vinegar as:
    1. fabric softener
    2. flea spray
    3. hair rinse
    4. glass cleaner

There’s also lavender syrup, lavender soda, lavender cocktails, teas… It’s a wonder plant! Do a little google search and see if you’re fortunate enough to have a lavender farm near you. Many of them are open to the public with all kinds of fun programs and classes. Even if it’s just to drop by and take in the scents, maybe partake in a wine tasting, or pick up a plant to take home with you, it’s a memorable excursion!

“Kauffman’s characters are adorably human and so very magnetic.” —

In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains lies a small town with a big heart—and a chance to begin again . . .

When Hannah Montgomery buys a lavender farm in Blue Hollow Falls with three friends, she’s creating a life she never imagined—one she hopes will honor the memory of the sweet young son she tragically lost years ago. Standing on the porch of the sprawling farmhouse, looking out on row upon row of those lush purple plumes, Hannah is ready to embrace this fresh, new start . . .

Then she meets Wilson McCall. The stonemason hired to fix their crumbling chimneys and leaky roof is quieter than most folks in the Falls. Hannah’s not surprised to learn the widower struggles with his own grief. Who could blame her if she finds joy in making Will laugh again, or if she feels a poignant kinship when she sees him with his teenaged son? But her deepening friendship with Will reminds Hannah that there’s a part of her that still needs to heal—awakening a tender yearning to have a life that isn’t just good enough, but lived fully—even if that means taking risks once more . . .

Praise for Donna Kauffman

“Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town—you’re going to love Donna Kauffman!” —Lori Foster

“We all know where there’s Donna Kauffman, there’s a rollicking, sexy read chock full of charm and sparkle.” —