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Reviewed by Tara

I am really excited about the publication of WIND RIVER PROTECTOR. This is the first book in the Wind River Valley series that features one of Maud and Steve Whitcomb’s adopted children. Andy is their oldest daughter, and she is an ex-Air Force pilot. She was shot down by the Taliban, and met another pilot with a similar fate, Dev Mitchell—ex-Army Black Hawk pilot. The two of them spent five days running together for their very lives. Situations like that form strong bonds.

But they lost touch until Andy came home and interviewed for a chance to fly helos for the county sheriff’s department. And who interviews her? None other than Dev Mitchell, the man she can’t stop thinking about. WIND RIVER PROTECTOR is also a departure in another way from the first books in the series. The plot contains more of Lindsay McKenna’s wonderful suspense and action-adventure story telling gifts. It will have you at the edge of your seat with the exploits of Andy and Dev.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful book as much as I did. And there is another book coming in the highly acclaimed Wind River Valley series—WIND RIVER UNDERCOVER, due out in April 2020. Don’t miss it!


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