Staff Pick! The Astonishing Thing: A Novel by Sandi Ward

Staff Review by Michaela H.

As an editor with a full roster of authors, I rarely get to read outside my own list.  But when Kensington editor-in-chief John Scognamiglio presented THE ASTONISHING THING, I knew I had to read it.  Besides being a book-lover, I am also a cat-lover. Ranger, shown in this photo, is one of my three fabulous felines who keep me company as I read my manuscripts.

When John said the book is a family story told from the point of view of the family cat, I knew it would be something special. And it is!  Sweet, loving Boo, with her cream-colored fur and her heart of gold, is the emotional glue that holds her family together. When something goes wrong in the family, Boo is determined to find out what happened – and how she can fix the problem.

This little kitty will take you on a journey of love and laughter, sorrow and forgiveness, and the unlimited affection that only pets can give.  This delightful novel, written by a cat-lover for fellow cat-lovers, is not to be missed.