Sleuths Unleashed: Detectives with Crime Fighting Canine Companions

Is man’s best friend also the best mystery solving partner? These sleuths certainly seem to think so…

The Wild Side by Fern Michaels

School guidance counselor Melanie Drake trades playground scuffles and long walks with her retired service dogs for high-stakes undercover work as an escort, infiltrating a dangerous network of powerful men. Melanie navigates the treacherous world of international billionaires’ gatherings, risking everything to gather vital intelligence for national security. But as the stakes rise and danger looms, Melanie must rely on her wits and her loyal canine companions to survive.

Murder on Tour by V.M. Burns

Michigan bookshop owner Samantha Washington’s whirlwind success on her book tour takes a deadly turn at Michigan’s prestigious literary festival. As she juggles the launch of her new mystery novel and investigates a murder that mimics her own plot, Sam relies on her quick wit and two loyal canine companions to unravel the sinister secrets hidden within the festival’s glittering façade. With the help of her feisty Nana Jo and the resourceful residents of Shady Acres Retirement Village, Sam races to unmask the killer before the final page turns on another tragic chapter.

Murder at the Blarney Bash by Darci Hannah

Amateur sleuth Lindsey Bakewell is busy preparing for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities at the Beacon Bakeshop, with her loyal Newfoundland, Wellington, at her side. The excitement builds as Lindsey helps her boyfriend’s uncle, Finnigan O’Connor, open the Irish import gift shop, the Blarney Stone. However, Uncle Finn’s jovial claims of stealing gold from a leprechaun turn sour when he’s accused of bludgeoning a man dressed as one. With her canine companion by her side, Lindsey must unravel the truth and catch the real culprit behind the murder at the Blarney Bash.

That Others May Live by Sara Driscoll

FBI handler Meg Jennings and her K-9 partner, Hawk, are thrust into a heart-pounding race against time after a devastating building collapse in Washington, D.C. As they join the search-and-rescue efforts, Meg’s concern for her firefighter fiancé trapped inside intensifies. With every moment crucial, Meg and Hawk must navigate the treacherous rubble to find survivors while unraveling evidence of a sinister plot lurking beneath the tragedy. Sara Driscoll’s gripping tale is a riveting blend of suspense, action, and the unbreakable bond between a handler and her K-9 companion.

Show me the Bunny by Laurien Berenson

Melanie Travis reluctantly steps into the role of the Easter Bunny amidst the budding spring in Connecticut. As she organizes festivities at Gallagher House, a women’s shelter, the discovery of the respected benefactor Beatrice Gallagher’s untimely death plunges Melanie into a rabbit hole of secrets and suspicion. With her award-winning poodles and Aunt Rose by her side, Melanie must hop to it and uncover the truth behind Beatrice’s demise before the holiday joy turns into a chilling nightmare.