Sisterhood Stories

There’s no bond quite like sisterhood, you can love each other more than life one moment and be at each other’s throats the next. The stories here show the beauty and complexity of what it is to have a sister.

Familia Lauren E. Rico

Against the vibrant backdrop of San Juan, unfolds a compelling narrative of discovery and sisterhood. Gabby DiMarco, committed to absolute truths as a fact checker, faces an unexpected twist in her own reality—a genealogy test revealing a sister she never knew existed. Isabella Ruiz, an artist yearning to find the sister who vanished decades ago, discovers a possible match and summons Gabby to Puerto Rico. But Gabby’s skepticism and Isabella’s fervent hope set the stage for a tumultuous journey, questioning truths, unraveling past secrets, and risking all they know for a future steeped in uncertainty.

Sisters of Fortune by Anna Lee Huber

Set against the backdrop of the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage, this historical saga delves into the lives of the three Fortune sisters—Alice, Flora, and Mabel—each poised at a crucial moment in their lives. As the luxurious liner sails across the Atlantic, the sisters navigate personal crossroads, questioning societal expectations and their own desires. Alice grapples with a dire prophecy and an uncertain future with her fiancé, Flora struggles with the pressures of an impending marriage and a burgeoning attraction, while Mabel, committed to suffrage and reform, seeks a life beyond convention. United by sisterhood, their individual journeys converge aboard the Titanic, forever changing their lives in unexpected ways.

Someone Else’s Bucket List by Amy T. Matthews

Introverted Jodie is nothing like her outgoing influencer sister Bree. But when her sister’s early passing from cancer leaves the family wracked with medical debt Jodie must step out of what has always felt like Bree’s larger than life shadow and finish her adventurous bucket list on social media to erase the debt and honor Bree’s legacy. As Jodie steps out of her comfort zone, she discovers newfound courage and, unexpectedly, the chance for love. This poignant novel delves into the impact of sisterhood, loss, and the power of love to keep those we care for with us, even when they are gone.

Her Little Flowers by Shannon Morgan

Francine Thwaite’s quiet existence in her family’s isolated manor in England’s Lake District living alongside benign spirits is disrupted when her estranged sister, Madeleine, returns bearing a haunting story of cruelty from the past. Madeleine’s revelations shatter Francine’s long-held beliefs, unveiling a dark family history that challenges her perceptions. As she grapples with the disturbing truth and her potential role in it, Francine faces the prospect of losing what she cherishes most. This haunting tale weaves grief, love, and the healing power of forgiveness within a supernatural mystery as these two sisters must come together after years apart.

Hope Creek by Janet Dailey

Kit Teague returns to her South Carolina hometown, aiming to reconcile with her past and put her mother to rest. Fond memories of her father contrast with the family’s lingering grief and her estranged twin, Viv, who now supports a rival fishing business and stands against their father and Kit. Amid the beautiful Lowcountry landscape, Kit reconnects with her childhood crush, Beau Sutton, amidst whispers of scandal and familial divides. Through oyster roasts and fishing trips, Kit seeks to find love anew, defying the shadows of the past to forge a hopeful future and reconcile past pain.

Rock Bottom by Fern Michaels

The indomitable Sisterhood—united in their quest for justice—faces a new challenge as their friend Zoe discovers dangerous truths within her corporation when she suspects substandard construction materials behind worldwide collapses. As they delve deeper into the conspiracy, facing a powerful adversary, the Sisterhood must harness their collective strength to expose the truth and ensure justice prevails. This found family of headstrong women may not be related by blood, but they stick together through thick and thin.