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9781616508104Finding It picks up a year after Faking It. Vivia has traveled the world, writing articles for GoGirl! Magazine. She’s been arrested by Buckingham Palace Guards (bogus stalking charges – she was just snapping a little pic of Prince Harry), rescued by an RAF Search and Rescue team, led on a creepy tour of Edinburgh’s underground, and partied with Bravolebrities. Her long-distance relationship with Luc is tested when she meets a handsome helicopter pilot and bad-boy comedian Russell Brand. When Travis Trunnell, her hot college fling, makes a sudden reappearance, Vivia must decide if she wants to keep living her super-sexy single life or settle down with her Provençal Prince.

Will the Perpetual Virgin continue to “keep it real” or will she discover that some old habits die hard?



LeahMarieBrownLeah Marie Brown has worked as a reporter for a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, a freelance magazine journalist, a television broadcaster, and a photographer.

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9781617734953In the fifth installment in the Misadventures of Mink LaRue series, it’s election night and Viceroy Dominion, the slick, ruthless patriarch of the Dominian clan has been mysteriously shot during his election watch party. His campaign has been wrought with lies, brawls, double-crosses, and mishaps. Viceroy doesn’t know who shot him, but he is paranoid and suspects everyone–even his wife, Selah Dominion, who he believes had an affair with his arch-enemy, Rodney Ruddman. Selah is crushed by her husband’s rejection and redoubles her efforts to convince him of her fidelity. She seeks refuge at a local church where she confesses her sins to a bottleg preacher and his wife. Unbeknownst to Selah, the two are a couple of ex-grifters and the pastor’s wife sees this as an opportunity to blackmail one of the richest women in Dallas…

Meanwhile, Pilar Ducane, the broke and resentful cousin of the Dominions has been kidnapped by Gutta, Mink’s ex-boyfriend. Gutta and his sidekick were sneaking around the Dominion mansion trying to get close to Mink, when they were interrupted by a security guard. With Mink out of their reach, they decide to snatch Pilar instead, in the mistaken belief that Pilar’s family is as rich as the Dominions. But Pilar is no helpless victim, and soon Gutta and Shy find themselves biting off more than they can chew…

NOIRE is editor-in-chief of, the Queen of Urban Erotica, the #1 Essence® bestselling author of Unzipped, Hittin’ the Bricks, G-Spot, Candy Licker, Thug-A-Licious, Baby Brother (with 50 Cent),Thong on Fire, Hood, novellas in Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless and Maneater, and the editor of a collection of urban erotic quickies, From the Streets to the Sheets. She is also the author of the first urban erotic serial novel, G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins. Visit Noire online at


“Noire has created one of the liveliest urban fiction series headed by a most memorable protagonist.” —Library Journal on Stone Cold Liar (Starred Review & Top Pick)






Daniel Herbert has come to London in search of a wife, someone sensible who can oversee his newly inherited properties, leaving him free to pursue his life’s work as a doctor. He never expects to become intoxicated by a woman as mysterious as she is shockingly beautiful…

Jessie Kelham’s looks have always been a curse. Now alone with a young daughter and a perilous secret, she is in need of protection. But dangerously attractive Daniel is not the kind of husband she has in mind. If he recognizes her, the demons of her past will surely erupt. Yet they cannot keep apart, and soon they are drawn into a union that may bring joy—or shattering danger…


maryjoputneysmMary Jo Putney is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has written over 60 novels and novellas. A ten-time finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA, she has won the honor twice and is on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling authors. In 2013 she was awarded the RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award. Though most of her books have been historical romance, she has also published contemporary romances, historical fantasy, and young adult paranormal historicals. Visit her at & facebook.

“A caring heroine with a sordid past who doubts her self-worth and a hero plagued by soul-destroying guilt find love and redemption in a captivating romance that is graced with impeccable character development, flawless prose, and several surprising twists.” – Library Journal on Not Always A Saint (Starred Review)



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