Scrapbook Expo with Mollie Cox Bryan

Scrapbook Expo, a huge scrapbooking event that travels around the country, is not just every scrapbooker’s dream, with rows and rows of pretty paper, sparkling inks and gorgeous rubber stamps, but it was also a dream for card makers, jewelry makers, calligraphers, and artists and anybody who was interested in paper arts at all.

As ever, scrapbooking is an evolving hobby. A few years ago, digital scrapbooking was cutting edge and all the rage. I talked with several scrappers who still feel that way. But for the most part, the people I spoke with love traditional paper scrapbooking. I think we may be seeing a general swing back toward more paper products. This, for me, was the most surprising aspect of the event. Scrapbookers want paper—and they want places to gather around the cropping table together.   Indie scrapbooking stores are sorely missed.

I also talked with several other people who didn’t identify as “scrapbookers,” but their art (or hobby) uses the same kinds of tools. For example, I spoke with a young woman who is a calligrapher. She talked with me about inks, pen tips, and cardstock in a way different manner than a scrapbooker would. Fascinating.

Scrapbook Expo is held all over the country. It’s just one of many events like this centered on scrapbooking. My advice to anybody who wants to attend: bring plenty of cash because you won’t be able to resist the incredible deals, bring several of your own bags, and wear very, very comfortable shoes.

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