Running Target by Kari Lemor


Running Target

“I’m meeting today with one of the key men who helped put New Jersey mob boss, Victor Cabrini out of business, FBI agent Jonathan Holland.”

Jack narrows his eyes as he slides into the booth opposite me.

“That’s ex-agent and you can call me Jack.”

“You aren’t with the FBI anymore? Why is that?”

He shrugs, the denim jacket tightening around his wide shoulders.  “Wasn’t really my choice. After Cabrini painted a target on my back, things kind of went FUBAR. He had men on the inside of the Bureau giving him info.  I couldn’t trust anyone anymore.”

“But all those people have been caught, right?”

His mouth slides into a straight line, his jaw rigid.  “Yeah, I’m still a little pissed at the years that were stolen from me. Taking my life in a different direction now. “

“Putting criminals behind bars isn’t important to you now?”

“It’s not the most important thing in my life anymore. I’ve got a wife and child to take care of. Should have been taking care of them for the last few years.” He glances at his phone.  I catch sight of a dark-haired woman with a small boy on her lap. The boy looks very much like the man in front of me.

“Now that you have all this freedom, do you plan on taking any kind of vacation?”

“I’m thinking I’d like to be a homebody for a while. Being on the run I traveled all over the country.  And before that I was in Afghanistan. The guys and I saw far too much during that time.”


“The guys from my unit. Chris was intelligence, he’s also FBI. Keith was our explosives expert. He’s now a Boston cop. Drew was communications and now works for the DA’s office. Nick was a sniper. I think he’s still trying to find himself. He bought a big rig and cruises the country.  And my cousin, Scott was our transportation. He’s been running the construction business our dads started.”

I smile as I ask the last question. “So, who’s your favorite of all the guys?”

Jack glances around the bar we’re sitting in and one side of his mouth quirks up. “I love them all equally, especially my cousin.  But if I had to pick only one to be at my back, I’d choose Nick. But don’t tell my cousin that. Nick just doesn’t have any fear. He jumps right in and worries about consequences later. Not the best way to deal with stuff but it gives you less time to think. Thinking delays your action. Action is good.”

“But now that you’ve taken down Victor Cabrini and quit the FBI, you won’t see much action.”

A sly look crosses Jack’s face. “I’ve got the most gorgeous woman in my bed every night now.”  He rises and winks. “I’ll be seeing plenty of action.”


An innocent in the crossfire . . .

FBI agent Jack Holland broke every rule in the book falling for the girlfriend of Angelo Cabrini, son of a New Jersey mob boss. But even if Callie Lansing’s relationship to Angelo was actually a cover and her heart was free, her relationship with Jack put both of their lives at risk. Nothing, though, could make Jack regret the liaison that led to the birth of their son, Jonathan.

After Angelo discovered Callie’s pregnancy, he went after Jack and wound up dead. Now Jack is on the run with a target on his back. The only thing keeping Callie and Jonathan safe is the mob boss’s belief that the baby is his grandchild. But if Victor Cabrini discovers the truth before Jack can put him behind bars, it could mean death for his sweet covert family. . . .

“Thrilling . . . Lemor once again features a dynamite protagonist who’s easily relatable, and her talent for incorporating romance and forgiveness against the odds makes Running Target even more enticing.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars