Romance Recs Based on Your Favorite Trope

Are you a sucker for a friends to lovers romance? Or can’t enough of a second chance romance? Or maybe you like a little forced proximity to get things started. Whatever your preference, don’t worry, there are options aplenty.

Silver Lady by Mary Jo Putney

The amnesia trope is one for readers who ask the question, who do you love when you have left the memory of your past behind, when you let go of all your biases and baggage? Mary Jo Putney has answers to that question in this captivating historical romance that transports readers to the rugged Cornish coast, where a smoldering nobleman and a beautiful amnesiac unite in a tale filled with intrigue, swashbuckling adventure, and passionate love. As they face danger along the Cornish coast, their connection deepens, and they must unravel a plot involving French agents and Cornish smugglers. But will their love withstand the looming peril?

Warrior’s Hope by Rebecca Zanetti

The love triangle is probably one of the most controversial, but continuously popular elements of romance, after all, who doesn’t love choices? This steamy paranormal romance ups the stakes when Hope, the only female vampire ever born, finds herself at a heart-wrenching crossroads. Torn between Drake, the leader of the Kurjan nation, who sees their union as the path to peace, and Paxton, her lifelong friend who’d do anything to protect her, Hope must make a choice that will decide the fate of nations and the lives of those she loves. With danger closing in, she must trust her instincts and decide where her loyalties truly lie before circumstances make the choice for her.

Reasonable Adults by Robin Lefler

Is there a better pairing than forced proximity and forbidden romance? How are rules and restrictions supposed to stand a chance when you can’t get away from each other? Join Kate Rigsby on an uproarious winter escapade when, after losing her job and her almost-fiancé, she seeks refuge at Treetops, an exclusive artists’ retreat in the wintry wilds of Canada. Expectations collide with reality as she battles outdated facilities, a frosty work environment, and an off-limits coworker with captivating charm. But the breathtaking scenery and quirky crew might just lead her to a path she never imagined.

The Sound of Sleighbells by Janet Dailey

Don’t we all sometimes remember the past and think what if, about an old love or a bygone dream? Second chance romances aren’t just about love, but about the power of hope and our ability to grow. In this heartwarming holiday romance, divorcee Ruth McCoy seeks to create new holiday traditions with her children, leaving painful memories behind. However, her world takes an unexpected turn when she reunites with her former love, Judd Rankin. As old feelings resurface, Judd lends a helping hand to Ruth and her family, fostering a deep connection with her son. But Ruth harbors a secret that could change everything. Will this revelation break their newfound bonds, or become a cherished gift?

Love of My Lives by Yamile Saied Méndez

One of the most fairytale of romance tropes, the soulmate, is the one so many of us spend our lives searching for, but how will you know when you find them? With a thriving career and boyfriend, Madi Ramírez should be on top of the world. But something’s amiss, and her heart longs for a love that transcends the ordinary. A business trip to Puerto Rico offers a chance to find clarity. Amid the vibrant beauty of the island, Madi encounters a man who sets her heart racing. The only catch? He doesn’t share the initials of the man her abuela predicted would be her soulmate. A soulmate search, a touch of magic, and a journey of self-discovery await!

In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae

Friends to lovers is one of the most undeniably sweet and comforting romance tropes, perfect for a love story featuring the best cinnamon roll baker in California! Ben has decided it’s time to chase his dreams, confess his feelings for his crush, and transform his café’s fate. But life takes an unexpected turn when a broken heart sends him to a beachside birthday bash. Unfortunately, he can’t escape Adam, his handsome indie rocker crush, even there, forcing them both to confront the future of their relationship. Salty, sexy, and hilarious, this queer rom-com is as wild and unpredictable as the ocean waves.