Romance Reads for Fall and Winter

Have you already grabbed your favorite Autumn treats? Are you already preparing your holiday decorations? If you love all the months ending ‘ber, then here are some books you’re going to want to cozy up for the chillier seasons!


The Café Between Pumpkin and Pie by Marina Adair, Kate Angell and Stacy Finz

Three bite-size short stories bursting with romance and autumnal ambiance make for the perfect fall read. The charming small town of Moonbright, Maine has a legend that a woman will marry the man she sees in a mirror on Halloween. Will this local lore spell love for anyone this year? In between preparing for the annual Halloween parade and fueling up on pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon scones at the Corner Café three women may be surprised to meet their match…

First Date Prophecy by Kate and Danny Tamberelli

A former child star and a prospective writer meet just as the leaves are beginning to turn and the air has turned crisp in New York. After matching on a dating app these two hopeful singles meet for what they hope will be a fun first date and leave having witnessed the death of a psychic (admittedly New York’s oldest) just moments after she had made a confusing and intimidating prediction of their joint destinies. Left unsure and a little traumatized, will Rudy and Lucy be able to move forward and find love and a future together, and will they reach the potential the psychic saw in them?

Never Fall For Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath

An Earl determined not to wed and a penniless lady make for an unexpected match in this dazzling historical romance. Hugh, the Earl of Fareham, has kept his meddling mother at bay until now with a pretend fiancée, but when she sends word that she is returning to England to enjoy the crisp autumn season and finally see her son married he has to come up with a new plan fast. Enter Minerva, she is the sole breadwinner for herself and her two sisters, so when a handsome Earl approaches her with a lucrative job to pretend to be his fiancée she isn’t in a position to refuse. Will all go according to plan, or will fate turn this relationship into something real before the last golden leaf falls from the tree?


Reasonable Adults by Robin Lefler

After losing her job and fiancé in one fell swoop Kate, a thirty-something marketing exec takes a suspiciously good job at an artists’ retreat in the Canadian wilderness. On arrival the resort is far less impressive than promised, the snow and isolation are more than a city girl like Kate is equipped for, and she can’t stand her new boss. But in the breathtaking natural setting, with a friendly bunch of new coworkers (including one very distracting lumberjack type) Kate finds a new challenge and sense of fulfillment in her career and life that she has not had in years.

The Sound of Sleighbells by Janet Dailey

Ruth McCoy isn’t expecting much this Christmas, recently divorced and with a teenage son who is in a perpetual bad mood, the last thing she wanted was to see Judd Rankin, her past love and her son’s father (unbeknownst to him). But as Judd bonds with her son, teaching him saddle making and making him happier than he has been since the divorce, Ruth is torn, both happy they are bonding and terrified of what will happen if her secret is revealed. Ruth’s feelings for Judd have come roaring back, but will learning the truth mean he leaves for good, or bring together their family for Christmas?

Santa & Company by Fern Michaels

When four thirty-something friends meet for a Christmas ski trip they expected to have some fun on the slopes, bond together, and enjoy decadent hot chocolate by a cozy fire, they never expected romance. But when Frankie injures herself while snowshoeing alone and is helped back to the resort by Troy, the handsome local recluse, and Nina reunites with a certain special someone from her past at the resort, love may have found them anyway. And if Frankie and Nina prove hesitant to pursue these holiday romances their two friends are waiting in the wings with encouragement, and well-placed branches of mistletoe.