Quilting & Watercolors with Meryl E.


Floral Watercolor: Please note the deliberate use of blank/negative/white space. It’s not white paint, it’s the absence of any color. After I painted the iris, I threw kosher salt of them to pick up a bit of the color, giving them a batik effect.

Lighthouse Watercolor: Please note the exaggerated snowflakes. I used mastic, painted my picture, and then pulled up the mastic leaving the large snowflakes. They are oversized just to set the mood. Not every lighthouse scene can have a sunny day.


Pink & Green quilt: I made this quilt 27 years ago when I adopted Emily from Korea. The print in the quilt matched her wallpaper and curtains, and the green matched her Kelly green carpeting. It’s a room specific quilt, not suitable for every room.

Multi-color quilt: I made this quilt 40 years ago; it was the first one I ever made as a newlywed with a big mortgage and little else. I used sample fabrics and remnants only, cut into four inch squares. The only thing I paid for was the batting inside. It has faded and used to be much brighter, with a yellow and black border that is reminiscent of early Mary Englebreit…well, at least we share the same initials if not the same level of talent.

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