Potato Candy with Kim Michele Richardson

If you’re going to have a LIAR’S BENCH-themed get-together, you’ll want to serve Dandelion Wine and salted peanuts poured into a Coke, paired with snacks of Potato Candy and Cracker Jack. The soundtrack should be anything reflecting the 1960’s and the Vietnam War.

Kim Michele Richardson, author of LIAR’S BENCH, offers a recipe for

Potato Candy


1 potato

1lb of powdered sugar

Peanut butter spread

2 TBSP of Kentucky bourbon (optional)


Boil potato with peeling on. Remove skin and mash. Mix in powdered sugar while potato is hot, adding sugar little at a time. Knead like dough. Sprinkle a biscuit board with powdered sugar and knead. Roll out and spread with peanut butter. (If using bourbon, mix in with peanut butter before spreading) Then roll up like a jelly roll.

Let cool before slicing. – Richardson Family