Playlist for Entangled Secrets

By Pat Esden

This is a playlist of the songs I listened to while writing Entangled Secrets. Some of them like Sweet Child and Rockabye helped me get into Chandler’s head. Others like After Midnight, Brave Enough, and Yuve Yuve Yu put me in the right place for writing specific scenes. Just Like Fire reminded me of Chander’s determination. Rubberband and Devils Touch speaks to the past that drives her. Set Fire to the Rain? Well, it was the lyrics that made me chose that song. And The Fire and Illusion are for Lionel because sometimes life an caring isn’t easy.

Photo by Barthy Bonhomme from Pexels

Sweet Child—Alex Cruz

She Burns—Foy Vance

Father Figure—George Michael

Rockabye—Clean Bandit

Love Triangle—RaeLynn

Lord of The Greenwood—Jenneth Tollin

Rubberband—Alex Cruz

Yuve Yuve Yu—The HU

After Midnight—J.J. Cale

The Fire—Rag’n’Bone Man

Illusion—Kevin Davy White

Hares on The Mountain—alt-J

Devils Touch—TIAAN

Set Fire to the Rain—Adele

Just like Fire—Pink

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Pregnant and alone at twenty-one, Chandler Parrish sought refuge within the Northern Circle coven’s secluded complex. Never revealing the identity of her child’s father, Chandler has raised her now eight-year-old son, Peregrine, in peace, and used her talent as an artist and welder to become a renowned metal sculptor. But her world is shaken to the core when Peregrine shows signs of natural faerie sight—a rare and dangerous gift to see through faerie glamour and disguises that could only have come from his father’s genes. Worse yet, the boy has seen a monstrous faerie creature trailing Lionel Parker, a magic-obsessed journalist determined to expose the witching world.

But the very man who threatens the witches’ anonymity may also be key to healing Chandler’s long broken heart. As dangerous desires and shocking secrets entangle, new faerie threats and demonic foes close in on the coven and High Council. Loyalties will be tested. Fierce magics will be called upon. And Chandler will have to face her past to save all she holds dear: her coven, her child—and perhaps even her own soul.