Pick an On-Screen Mom and Get a Book Rec

To celebrate Mother’s Day we’ve picked a few of our favorite on-screen mothers and have paired them with a book rec! So, if you’re looking for some back in time adventures or to meet historical figures this Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

A Haunted History of Invisible Women by Leanna Renee Hieber and Andrea Janes

and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

The iconic Morticia Addams is all about the unexpected and morbid, which is why we paired her with Leanna Renee Hieber and Andera Janes’ A Haunted History of Invisible Women. From the notorious Lizzie Borden to the innumerable, haunted rooms of Sarah Winchester’s mysterious mansion, this offbeat, insightful, first-ever book of its kind explores the history behind America’s female ghosts, the stereotypes, myths, and paranormal tales that swirl around them, what their stories reveal about us—and why they haunt us.

Blue Moon Haven by Janet Dailey

and Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Who could forget fast-talking, coffee obsessed Lorelai Gilmore? If you loved Gilmore Girls and the small town vibes of the show, then your next read should be Blue Moon Haven. Janet Dailey’s small-town romance is filled with the healing power of love and the enduring allure of the drive-in movie theater, as a woman who puts down new roots in a small Alabama town finds a relationship unexpectedly blooming.

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

and Jessica Huang from Fresh Off the Boat

Jessica Huang from Fresh Off the Boat loves Stephen King. Which is why we think if you’re also a thriller-loving reader, you’ll want to pick up Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea. Charlie is known for this twists, and his latest thriller is filled with plenty of them! After the murder of her family, Alex Armstrong changes everything about herself—her name, her appearance, her backstory. Now, ten years she has the chance to finally uncover the truth about that tragic night.

An American Beauty by Shana Abe

and Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

No one has an outfit like the glamorous Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek. Can’t get enough of glamorous things like Moira? An American Beauty by Shana Abe should be your next read! Shana’s stunning new novel conjures the true rags-to-riches story of Arabella Huntington—a woman whose great beauty was surpassed only by her exceptional business acumen, grit, and artistic eye, and who defied the constraints of her era to become the wealthiest self-made woman in America.

Second Shot by Cindy Dees

and Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw from the Fast and Furious Movies

Love action-packed movies and female characters who are always up for a challenge? “Queenie” Shaw from the Fast and Furious franchise is your pick. We’ve paired her with an equally action-packed read, Second Shot by Cindy Dees! A recently retired CIA wet work specialist (aka a highly skilled assassin) is trying to reconnect with her family and settle into normal life . . . in the midst of mortal combat.

Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston

and Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development

There is no character quite as full of surprises or outrageous like Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development. There is no author whose books are quite as wild of ride as Shelly Laurenston’s. Which is why we think Lucille and Breaking Badger are a great pair! Mads knows her teammates aren’t about to forgive the Siberian tiger shifters who were rude to them. But moody Finn isn’t so bad. And he’s cute! The badger part of her understands Finn’s burning need to avenge his father’s death. So Mads sets about helping Finn settle his family’s score, which has its perks, since she gets to avoid her own family drama. 

Where Ivy Dares to Grow by Marielle Thompson

and Claire Fraser from Outlander

When Claire Fraser gets pulled back in time while on a trip to Scotland, her whole world changes. If you love time traveling, atmospheric stories like Outlander, then we think you’ll love Where Ivy Dares to Grow by Marielle Thompson. A woman struggling with her mental health spends the winter with her cruel in-laws in their eerie, haunting manor that sweeps her back through time and into the arms of her fiancé’s mysterious, alluring 19th century ancestor in Marielle’s spellbinding debut novel, available 6/27.